Summah tiem

I dont think I'll be on as much. School's getting out in a week, the local pool is open, and sitting in front of a computer all day is not how I want to spend my summer.

I'll still be on occasionally, to check where things are, leave the odd sarcastic comment, but I won;t really go into the chat, and I wont wait around for someone to get on.

Same thing with IM. And myspace. And any of the various other forums I belong too. If no one's on/talking to me, I'll just sign off.

And go to the pool/gym.

So i'm not deserting, I'm just replacing posting time with... pool time.
See ya later, Blue.
Don't get sunburnt.
Har har.

*burning sun*
Do get sunburned!
Hey, guess what hiko? I'm only gonna say this once, so don't forget:

Whatever is going on between you and blue is between you and blue. Don't bring it here. Don't flame each other. Period. I can and will Warn for your stupid arguments.
...that was a joke...
Looks like a mini-flame to me...

But, if that's the case, apologies. I just assumed you were being spiteful.