Hi!I'm Salleem Ikaten and i like to kill shroobs
[punts topic over to proper forum]

Mario & Luigi: Partners in Time. Good game, even if it was short and the last boss was too hard.

...I liked the first one better...
You like to kill Shroobs. Okay. I respect that.
*Looks around*
Unfortunately, we're all out of Shroobs here. I just killed the last one. Here, you can kick it's lifeless corpse, if you'd like.
*Tosses the purple motionless corpse to Salleem*
uhh.....not all of them are dead.
*points to shroob queen and her sister*
Uhh.....helo and i hope that if the shoobs invade, you will kill most of them, leave a few for me, i have beaten the game.
*shoob queen's sister starts beating the living shit out of me*
now, shroob slayer, you will be demoted to pie crust!
The last boss wasn't hard.

the final boss in superstar saga was WAY tougher than the final bosses, they are just annoying because they have a HUGE amount of HP, in superstar saga you start off the final fight with ONE HIT POINT, and she got about three attacks per turn at the start, anyways, rant over, go back to topic.