We now return you to your unscheduled downtime

Yeah, my dad is actively fighting my internet use, since it\'s getting so close to exams and I SHOULD be spending all my time studying (what he fails to realize is that I could probably glance over most of the material for an exam and ace it). So, until school is out (June 8th is my last day), I will be on less, won\'t be on the chatroom at all, and am forced to use a proxy server to actually access this site (my router has a site blocker that filters certain words in the URL. My dad recently put \"invisionfree\" as one of those.).

Don\'t get me wrong, I\'m still here. It\'s just that I\'m not on as much, I can\'t access the chatroom on this server, and quite a few punctuation marks in my posts are preceded by a slash (which I may or may not edit out when I have full access back).

Just figured you should know.

Also, I can still use AIM for the most part.
Same situation as the most of us.
See you.

Damn slashers...
Though I never left, I'll still go as far as to say that I'm back. With an added bonus, too. No more slashes in my posts. See? None. And I fixed my sig.
*earsplitting cheer-whistle*
*more claps*

Alright! LHH is back!
And we celabrated.

*Low tone unexchated cheers*

...Modthy Python joke...
Welcome back