Just a Head's Up...

As this whole college thing is finally coming together once again and I really need to work on a few of my stories, I am planning on taking a few days off. Notice the clever use of "Planning". As we all know, I have a low Will Save and a negative modifier when it comes to Temptation checks so this whole announcement will probably be for naught. Just a head's up, if I am not on for the next few days, I am most likely, probably not entirely dead. *Waits for the disappointed sighs as he pulls back the hammer on his .45*

Note: This is not an excuse for Runeknight to not be modded. As I said, I'll probably be on tomorrow morning and then again tomorrow evening and once more tomorrow night and the trend will probably repeat itself for all time...


I hope you do well with your College-thiny-ma-jiggy. I wouldn't know what it was anyway. >_>;

Still, best of luck, and hope you return soon.
Meh, I'm just finalizing everything. Financial aid, enrolling in various classes, checking finances against rising book costs...You know, the fun stuff. Mostly I am just trying to get a bit of work done on one or two of my stories.
Yeah, right.

RERN kills prospective authors. I haven't written anything other than mod posts or character sheets for a long, long time because of this place.

Good, now that he's gone, then I can skip on Rune's moddi--


University sounds horrible. Hope I never go.

[will anyway]
i'm gonna try going to collage......if i can scrape together the cash to do so.....*shot*
collage? Sounds like a new strain of moldy cheese...