It's...It's too much. Yesterday has totally drained me. AN(for anyone familiar with that name) do...

It's...It's too much. Yesterday has totally drained me. AN(for anyone familiar with that name) doesn't share my feelings, and was finally straight with me today, which hits me in ways I was unprepared for, and am currently unable to cope with. My laptop was also gunked by roaches, so it's down for now, inhibiting my ability to post. I need a couple of days to clear my mind, so can my event allies wait for a bit? I'll try and post on Monday, just please....don't wipe me. I've had a lot hurled at me, and that would only worsen things...
So sad!! T_T

I'm not supposed to be here, I'm supposed to be writing my paper, but I thought it would be too sad not to say, "Good luck and cool down, then come back refreshed!" ^.^ So, yeah. Do just that.


Wow, I sound really shallow there. Sorry. >_< That's terrible. Honestly, that is. I hope you're okay. Feel free to talk to me whenever you can. ... if you want to. I'm sorry.
Ok. IT MIIIIGHT help if you get a refresher 2 spell and use it on a mirror thats facing you >_>
Yo dood. Sucks. Good luck. Hurry back. Remember: Shit happens. You can either wallow in it or clean off and get back in the game. Plenty off fish in the sea. Various other relationship analogies. Just do it to it, come back and wipe the floor with Squalo.
AN = SO?
If so, then I hope it turns out OK...
I feel your pain...
Well, no I don't. But I hope everything gets better.
As Zan says, Shit happens. Rather.
I could say I can relate what you're going through. I'd be lying.

Just... feel better soon, okay? We'll wait for you in Sharo. After all, where else do we have to go right now? I WANT MY 6000 ZENNY! I SHALL NOT LEAVE! AND I SHALL NOT LET KAZU EJO NACHAMEN JUST BECAUSE YOU HAVE PROBLEMS!


Well, after walking a not-so-lonely road, on the same ol' boulevard of broken dreams, I've returned, refreshed, and progressing my physique, as well as my skills with in using it.

I'm back, and ready for action. Sorry for holding my pals at Sharo up, but if I didn't clear my head, I would've died in-game anyway. Thanks, and here we go...
heh, good to see your back FZ.

And thanks for posting in Sharo posthaste. Much appreciated!