Look! I exist!

o.o I'm tired right now, but I do exist. *nod nod*

Or do I?

ph34r me, for I am teh n1nj4
No double posting in here. In RP threads you can bump once every 24 hours. *nod*

Anyway... welcome

No one's on, so you can't expect a warm welcome within minutes.

EDIT: Oh, and don't worry. I love you :3
What does double posting mean?

*feels like a total newb*
You know that you have double posted when, for any reason, two posts in a row are yours. Sometimes this is a computer error or sometimes you just didn't wait for someone else to post.

This ain't Gaia, love.
Well, of course it's not Gaia. I wouldn't touch gaia again with a twenty mile long stick.

I swear it's like drugs...

Anyway, Thanks for welcoming me. Is anyone else even online?
Someone else IS online. Hello. I'm Jean. Or Syca. Whichever suits your fancy.
Hello. I'm Lego. I love Kirby. Kirby is my friend.

Are you my friend?
Maybe. Are you my friend?
I'm Kirby's friend. Ask him.

Oh look. Shury.
Shury? *ish confuzzled*
Here. This explains everything.
Shuryou was on? I missed him, then.

EDIT: oh, there he is.
What does that explain?
Shuryou is still on. How could one miss me? I see you got a friend to join, Kazu.


Location  I live in the Reality that your mind makes. (And in Atrus' bed at night. o.o)

Nice to meet you, Child. I'm Shuryou as you may have noticed. And now... ES TIEMPO PARA LA FIESTA! AYE AYE AYE!
Okay, now I am completely and totally confused.

Hay una fiesta aqui? yay. hablas espanol?


I'm bad at Spanish.



Well, you're cool. You can spell. And tolerant of trilon rays.

That makes you a friend. Welcome aboard. Shury's the captain.
Yay. *does happy dance* I'm a friend!

I try my best to spell correctly, but there are some words I can never spell right.

Like necessary. Or disappear. Or conscious.