Name: Wyvern.EXE ('Wyve', 'Wyvy')
Gender: Female
Element: Elec
Subtype: Break

Appearance: Wyvern's basic appearance is that of a slim, athletic woman in her early 20s of a height around 5'8", comparative to Navi averages. She has long blonde hair which would reach down to her lower back, though it is normally tied into a single heavy braid and shortened to about her mid-back because of it. Her eyes are deep blue, though they have slight flecks of violet in them. Her chest is slightly above normal, though she carries it very well. Her undersuit consists of a cropped top with a high neck that covers her throat, and ends just above her stomach, while she wears a pair of shorts that end just below her knees with matching low-cut socks, all of which are skin-tight and black.

Wyvern's armour consists of several components and focuses mostly on a tooth shape design. Her helmet covers the top of her head and down to her ears, as well as partially under her jaw on both sides, leaving most of her face and the back of her head exposed - this allows her hair to stream out behind her. The helmet gives the appearance of a dragon's maw, including teeth that just from the top and bottom of it around Wyvern's face. The breastplate is built tight to her endowments and curves appropriately, ending along with her undersuit around her stomach. She has no large shoulderpads, instead having a rounded look that covers neatly to her upper-arms, letting some of the undersuit show. She wears a pair of heavy gauntlets, each one emblazoned with the design of a dragon's skull on them, though the understand of the hand is much thinner to give her maximum tactile response. Her waist and thighs are well guarded by armour that forms around her in long plates, creating a battle-skirt ending above her knees that reveals her undersuit from below by allows for high leg movement. On her feet are a pair of heavy shoes, designed much like a pair of greaves shortened into high-tops. The armour's surface sometimes gives the appearance of scales and is mostly green, save where the edges of the scales sometimes glint light into a slightly chromatic display.

From the right shoulder of her armour is a dark-green scaled dragon head that extends long enough from her shoulder to about a foot or so over her head at greatest extension. This dragon head has a pair of horns and heavy, sharp scales, as well as thick fangs and teeth and black slitted eyes. It is angular instead of outright organic, giving it a robotic appearance. At its very base, under the armour, this dragon is attached by a hexagonal green plate that is embedded directly into Wyvern's shoulder.

Image of Wyvern

Personality: Wyvern is about as old as her coding is, which is to say that though she acts on her programming she is still fairly young and has some interesting views on things. She is constantly torn between her child-like energy and light-hearted personality and the information provided to her from her predecessor about virus busting and combat in general. She doesn't tend to believe in the limitations of being a Navi and often dreams of doing normal things such as eating cake and going shopping. She can often be bi-polar in combat, running from her instincts to execute attacks and then becoming distracted by the pretty lights of a chip's effects. Her balance will develop as she does, being confined and conforming to some degree to her primary settings. Her relationship with her Operator is one of respectful sisterhood, and her attitude towards other Navis and humans is one of partnership or at the very least friendliness. She feels that Viruses are unfortunately evil, but that their cleansing doesn't really 'kill' them permanently, allowing her to commit to combat without moral conflict.

Z-Dragon, the attached dragon head on her back, has a somewhat darker viewpoint. He is unable to communicate with Vita but can do so with Wyvern and other digital entities. He is harsh, even borderline abusive in some cases, and generally believes in the utter destruction of viruses and a deep, important honour in battle itself. He can often by leashed by his complete lack of control and abilities in his current form, but even communication is enough to let him retain his pride.

Custom Weapon: Instead of having a normal Buster, Wyvern is equipped with a single generator on one palm that creates and/or resummons her spear weapon, which is of fairly low strength normally but increases in powers when it becomes the focus of an attack. This spear is able to change form when some chips are equipped, however projectile weapons are handled by the Z-Dragon attachment. The spear can be used in close-range combat, or can be thrown to attack from a distance, usable one or two handed.

When used in a charged shot, the spear is re-summoned in a massive form that is then swung or throw towards an opponent. The spear is wrapped in a bright blue aura and flies quite well.

Signature Attack:
Level 3: 180/180 SP

Drake Vitality: [Passive 15 HP Heal, 80 SP] In order to combat enemies, sometimes you have to become that which you hunt. In Wyvern's case, her link with Z-Dragon has provided her with regenerative capabilities. During combat, her wounds will constantly knit together and repair by themselves, greatly increasing her survivability in battle.

Dragon Rage: [Shot, 5 Electric Damage x 8 Hits, Multi-Hit, 40 SP, 1TCD] A small attack done by Z-Dragon to express his constant anger with his situation. The dragon opens his maw and charges white-hot energy, firing out a spray of small fireballs that crackle with electricity. Though each ball deals relatively little damage, the attack is a long line of them with each following behind the last.

Jump: [Melee, 60 Damage, Impact, Movement, Self Slow(1), 60 SP, 3TCD] An attack designed to track down an opponent from a distance and skewer them with Wyvern's spear. At the beginning of the attack, Wyvern is able to make a massive leap towards an opponent, closing the gap or otherwise getting the drop on her opponent. She lands on her opponent with a great crash, her spear striking her foe.
In order to rebirth instead of creating a new character with stats starting from scratch, you must provide an explanation of how your new character acquired your previous characters' resources. I think you've already got how in mind, but you should explain it here anyways.

After that it'll be good to go, I think.
Well, Zetaman's original design was actually much older than one might believe. He had a history of busting prior to working with Vita, his second operator, but when she moved for school he was partially reset so he could meet local system requirements. The DarkSpiritZero GMO he received ended up conflicting with his programming. Some of the personality and visual errors that occurred during his mission with the NetPolice resulted from that conflict.

After the SP mission with the NetPolice, Zeta continued to deteriorate until his data was completely corrupted. In order to get her PET working at all, Vita was forced to reset and reinstall most of her PET's programming. This resulted in a loss of Zetaman's visual and mental data, encompassing his personality and memories. The new Navi built upon his core systems is Wyvern, who has new and unique visual and mental data.

Quote (Dyson)

The DarkSpiritZero GMO he received ended up conflicting with his programming.