To Whom It May Concern...

On Saturday, after work, I shall be leaving this site. Why? Cause I'm going on a short vacation. From Sunday through Thursday(Possibly Friday) to be exact. The friend I'll be staying with has internet access, but we always seem to be quite busy and unable to log on. However, if my current NetBattle is not finished, I shall do my best to check on it every other day of so. Sorry Zal, the damn thing has just been taking too long. Also, this means that I probably will not be participating in the Field Test at the Colosseum, unless it continues to take forever to set up. Anyway, just letting you folks know ahead of time.
The Planeswalker Field Test event is 100% ready to go. I'm just waiting for the participants to show up, and declare themselves ready. So, whenever anyone wants to start, it's ready for them to start. And there doesn't have to be 3 people in each test, it's just the upper limit on people allowed in each test.

I apologize for any confusion.

Anywhoo, enjoy your vacation, and take it easy!
i wish i could have a vacation......maybe i'll stay with an old freind for a few days when spring break hits. anyways.....cya later!
Get back soon, man. We need you for the event.