Good bye for now.

I'll be on here sporaticly for a while, so I'll be inactive on the RP. Problems at home, my social life and school will take (almost) all my time.

Sorry. I'll be back soon.
Ah, sorry to hear that, man. Hope to see you soon.
O.o Sorry to hear that. Hope to see you back at full strength soon.
Get back soon, buddy. We'll all miss you.
Hope these things get sorted out swiftly and rather painlessly.
Bye, hope to see you soon.
TTFN, I guess...
Oh boo. I said sporatic. Like, I would come on sometimes and have time to post but not enough time to RP.

I guess demotion was coming anyway...
Well, see you when you get your problems solved.
Good luck man. I hope that you don't get consumed by the school monster.