Damn it all!!

Not gonna be able to post for a LONG time, due to my mom saying that I'm not allowed to play on my computer until this long-ass project's done. It'll probably take about a month.

Sorry, guys.
A month?! Jeez... Well, best of luck, and hope to see you back here soon.
ouch, well, then see you after a long amount of time
Hope you weren't in the event.
Geez... sorry man.

Hope to see you around soon. Good luck.
Gwah, sorry to hear that. I guess there's nothing you can do but just buckle down and finish it twicely fast, ah? Good luck.
WOO HOO! Dad saved me, by saying that I can have 1 hour of computer a day. Not as much as usual, but its at least better than absolutely nothing. Thanks, Dad!