Bye for now! I'm not posting here anymore...
Because everyone is being a dick to me.
I'm pulling out...see you all later.

Grow up.

Repeated off-handed jaunts at non hostile members -will- result in the reactions you've received. Until you can look at yourself objectively, you'll probably get that everywhere.

Being a newb is hardly justification for being a noob. The latter is an attitude, not a status.
*sigh* Member problems like this always comes to an argument -___-

Anyways, I hope you had fun here~

Were not mad at you. Your just acting a bit too overly excited. You need to calm down adn go at a slower pace.

Its like Tenku or Koineko. You gotta think before you act.

But really, if you are kind, others treat you kind. You scratch my back, I'll scratch yours. Get me?
Dude. No one is being a dick to you. You're making an idiot of yourself, being a dick to everyone else, then justifying it by saying you're new. We all were new at one point... Sure, most of us didn't quite understand the forum dynamics or an hour or two, but we didn't actively make nuisances of ourselves, then whine when people reacted in a natural fashion. You can't use inexperience as an excuse when you make absolutely no effort to improve. You know what? Good riddance.
Hey, people here treat me like shit. IC or OOC. But do I leave, no. Because I know deep down, these people need me. They need a guy IC who can take a hit, or whatever that word is. Ya'll know how I operate, I take the diss, but I keep on kicking. They respect me for that, I don't break when people poke fun at me.
People treat you like shit OOC...? I think you're living in the past, man. You've long since stopped acting like a nuisance. You lost major points with the Rogue thing, but you've redeemed yourself, even to the point of Modship.
Can I still act like a nuisance IC? I miss that, having more enemies then friends works with me.
Yeah, of course. I thought you were doing that anyway.
I don't even no anymore. I'm lost on the ever long lasting gum piece of enlightenment.
So many conflict in this forum >_>;; YOU GUYS NEED TO LOVE ONE ANO-- *[Insert death]*
They have to earn my love and respect first. Wooga's cool, 'cause he's willing to be IC social cannon fodder.
Don't worry Wooga. My new character is evil so we can be IC Hated together!

You know people know your name when your hated IC.
You know people know your name when they address you by name.
That too.

Yea, i'm going to try to have as little nuisance as necessary IC from now on. But to reassure you the reason why I said I would leave on CN, was because my new site needed tending.

But since no one comes on anymore. I decided to just give this more attention.
Meh, I'll get Yahiko back. Not only am I on 3 other forums with him, he's in most of my classes in school. I'll explain how all you guys feel about him tomorrow.
Don't lie to him, show him the bad points first. Then if there are good points, IF and only IF say 'em.

Nah I'm joking, but are there good points?

Joking again, or am I?
... How do we feel about him exactly? I made it quite clear that I believe our fine board is much fairer without him whining every time someone tells him to shut up.