What happened?

Okay, I have good news and bad news for you. But first, a question.

I leave for the weekend to go skiing and I come back to find that everything's gone to shit. How'd we end up pissing Nal off this time?

Okay, now, good news, I'm staying. For those who don't recognize me, I'm DeathByInfinity. This is an older username that I tend to prefer to DBI.

And...bad news. Swing...is no more. At the point where we were before...whatever happened, Rigel's standing with the IPC and everyone else was such that I couldn't keep using Swing without repeatedly contradicting his personality. So I'm keeping Rigel, but creating a new navi. An assassin...named Pianissimo.

Swing is not deleted. Not by a longshot. He was...released. I'm going to say he requested to search for Mysterioso on his own, and after a bit of arguing, Rigel conceded, deleted the recall module thingy, and jacked in Swing for the last time.

Oh, and since I don't think I can keep it, Swing kept the fireblade.
Nal asked for Adminship because he CAME BACK.
Admins/Mods uninimously refused.
Nal shuts the site down.
Admins/Mods give him a red name.
He reopens the site.
Nal finds about this site.
PMSes, and gives you the RECN message you see there.

And that's the short version.
Um...how'd he find out about this site, anyway?

And surprisingly enough, I noticed that alot of old members have come back. Is it coincidence that they came to the Nal-free board once Nal PMSed?
He found out from a member trying to get the word out about our backup site. The member will remain unnamed, cause I don't hold it against them, and it did help several people get their info saved.

Methinks its not coincidence they came back either.