-- Saboteur --

Description: The Saboteur is a small virus, measuring at two feet of height. Its humanoid form is completely encased in a white spacesuit with a typical opaque spherical helmet. Its suit trim determines its version number: yellow (V1), green (V2) or blue (V3). The Omega viruses wear an entirely grey spacesuit instead. Besides that, it also carries an impossibly large wrench with it that is 1.5x its size.

Combat Notes: Saboteurs work indirectly to cripple the opponent. They will usually only use their primary attack, which is a damage-reducing debuff. Their offensive secondary attack will only be used under pressing circumstances: extremely low allied HP totals, or being left as the only virus type on the battlefield. They rarely use it, as their giant wrenches are extremely unwieldy to use. This clause does not apply to the Omega series.

Virus Name: Saboteur1/2/3/Omega
HP: 110/130/160/180/210/230/400
Primary Attack Damage/Effect: Debuff (30/50/70/90/110/130/200)
Primary Attack Accuracy: A
Primary Attack Description: Sabotages the enemy's offensive processes to reduce all of their damage up to a defined point.
Secondary Attack Damage/Effect: 30/50/70/90/110/130/200 Elec + System Break 1 (0%/0%/20%/30%/40%/50%/60%/90%)
Secondary Attack Accuracy: D
Secondary Attack Description: Smacks the enemy with its electrically-charged wrench, which has a chance of locking up the enemy's systems!
Element: Elec
Possible Rewards (Per Virus): Wrench1/2/3, Uninstall (Rare - V2 / Uncommon - V3 / Common - Omega), Zenny
Special: System Break 1: Has a chance of randomly crashing one of the Navi's systems for one turn.
Special (V3+): Can use Uninstall once as a free action.

- Wrench1/2/3 (Melee)
Damage/Debuff: 100/120/140
Accuracy: B
Description: Gives an enemy a solid whack with a large wrench. This chip can also be used to debuff the enemy's attacks up to the given damage point instead of doing damage directly.
Duration: Once
Element: Null