Description: This virus is shaped like a ladybug with stars stuck on its outer shell. The ladybug has a dark body and a yellow shell with bright white sparkly stars attached to it. Despite it never opening its shell for its wings, it always floats.

HP: 90/150/210
Primary Attack Damage/Effect: 20/40/60 Elec; Nova 3
Primary Attack Accuracy: A
Primary Attack Description: Spinstellation starts spinning and the stars that are attached to it come undone, which then start spinning around Spinstellation in a spherical form. Anyone touched by the stars gets injured, although the stars manage to swerve around the virus' allies.
Element: Elec
Possible Rewards (Per Virus): Zenny; Starspin1/2/3
Special: FloatShoes; Unfriendly Fire (Spinstellation's attacks can only hit Navis, no viruses)


Damage: 40 ELEC; Nova 3; Northwind
Accuracy: A
Description: The user creates a spherical whirlwind of stars around him/herself by spinning around or throwing the stars. Later versions have a longer duration, but maintains its strength.
Duration: 1/2/3 turns