Kiki and HackWoman.EXE

Name: Traceless Thief ( Kiki Marigold)
Age: 24
Gender: Female
Appearance: As the Traceless Thief, she is seen sporting a black jumpsuit with grey gloves and wearing a silly dog mask to cover her face from security cameras. To top it off she even wears grey gloves with paw like grips along with running shoes designed for better traction and less skid marks. To finish it, she has a strange puffy fox tail which she complains about to her navi that her seamstress wanted her to be a wolf. As Kiki, she looks to be like an attractive girl who enjoys basking in the sun thanks to her tanned skin. Wearing round glasses and letting her reddish black wavy hair hang down on her shoulders, she dresses in attire that seems like that of a businesswoman thanks to her matching green pants and vest along with the white undershirt. Kiki's belief that there's always an opportunity to get some close up information so she holds within the rims of her glasses a tiny camera that whenever she adjusts them it takes a picture.
Personality: Kiki tends to react as if she has the upper hand in any given situation. Even when she fails she will undoubtedly state that she meant to do that but in the end will be found at home moping about the utter defeat. This is probably a part of being a master thief; she doesn't like to fail any plan or any thieving attempt. Grudges with her are always a constant issue since she will desire to get revenge no matter what. It seems this has a connection to her detest of monkeys and very shy people but she doesn't seem to talk about it much.
PET Modifications: The Pet she carries has a special tape on the back that lets her attach it to any area. It makes great use when she needs to turn off some security devices without getting caught. It can even be stuck on the wall without fail and with a button she has attached to her gloves, she can release its hold.

Name: HackWoman
Gender: female
Element: Normal
Subtype: Bug
Appearance: HackWoman's attire was created in order to keep her sealed away and she has no recollection of her old outfit. It has the appearance of a black straight jacket with white belt pieces that dangle from the long sleeve. The belt restraints act at times like a whip which lengthens when needing to strike someone. Her hair is a dark shade of blue. It used to be strangely growing in imprisonment but Kiki has remodeled it with two long hair braids that are tied in the back by the neck. Her yellow eyes and pale skin is all that you can see of her face while her bottom half is hidden behind a huge collar like brace that was also used as a restraint once. A few pieces of data chain are still visibly attached to the front and have been known to get caught on things at times. Her pants seem to be part of a once common white navi jumpsuit that has begun to tear a bit at the bottom where her grey boots meet. The insignia on her chest is a faded cold disk that has been slightly split into two pieces with a tiny design.
Personality: A navi that was created for the attempt in hacking into villainous navi PET or to even stop viruses from destroying the net HackWoman was quickly sealed away after three days of training. The creators feared that she'd be able to hack into their own systems and turn on them though with all the work they had done with the programming, they refused to delete her. HackWoman was constantly a lonely navi who never seemed to get visitors. If netops or navis came close to her confinements, she could try to talk to them but send them running away, all fearing that she'd do something horrid. She felt somehow blessed to have been greeted by the Traceless Thief's presence that granted her freedom. Unable to bear lonliness she clings to Kiki and protects her as much as she can. Somewhat like a guard dog, Hackwoman can be quite gudgemental of others and will constantly attack others if she feels they threaten Kiki. Being isolated from any navi or human for so long has created her as a somewhat shy navi. She attempts to be nice when her netop tell her to and when given something, she becomes so enthusiastic, even if it's a stick. She gets easily confused as well and doesn't understand how to use certain things as of yet but is determined to make Kiki proud.
Custom Weapon: The belt whips she possesses on her sleeves.
Signature Attack:
Hey it's lunar.

What you've got seems good so far. I assume you aren't done yet since you don't have a sig attack.

Also, is this a shelf for Capuchin? A rebirth? A straight-ditch-everything?