Names:Frost/Frost EX/Mc. Frost/Mc. Frost EX/Jack the Frost/Jack the Frost EX

HP values:80/100/120/160/200/240

Attack values: 20/25/40/45/60/80-All attacks are of the aqua element and carry slash and pierce. may cause navi to be knocked over by it's impact and lose an action.

Appearance: Appears as a small humanoid with a crown atop it's head, it's arms float just centimeters away from it's body, it's face consists of a malicous, toothy smile, and yellow slits for eyes, the body has no legs.

It is completely made of translucent ice that is crystal clear and shows off verious lines that flow through it, showing off it's attacks with ease and the ice's color determines it's version and the ice is darker than normal for it's EX versions.

Forst is white in it's icey color and very light grey if it's in it's EX version. Mc. Frost's body is made of a sky blue ice while it's EX version is completely blue. And finally, Jack the Frost is made of darkish grey ice and the EX version of that is completely black, but can still be seen through.

Special: Immobile unless on Ice pannels and there are connecting Ice pannels to it, it's sliding around from pannel to pannel counts as a single passive dodge.

Attack: Shoots out a blizzard of ice from it's floating hands, the blizzard is strong enough to impact a navi and possibly knock them over while ice shards deal the damage at the exact same time the impact hits.

Chip Data
Name: Ice Blaster1/2/3

Attack power and aributes: 50/70/100 aqua and impact

Special: Attack power increases by 10 if the navi is standing on a Ice pannel and the field is at least 90% covered in Ice pannels, any less and there will be no attack increase.

Attack description: The navi creates a large ball of wind and snow in their hands and fires it at one target, if target is hit they are also given a hit of impact and should the navi be on a nearly full Ice field and standing on a ice pannel, the attack intensifies slightly.