Grouch viruses and ColdSneer chips

Virus Name: Grouch/Grudge/Grunge
Damage: 20 + Delayed Stun/40 + Delayed Stun/60 + Delayed Stun (The Stun kicks in one turn after the attack)
HP: 50/100/150
Element: Null
Cold-Hearted B*stard - Can negate one Stun effect per battle.
Hateful Towards The Floor - This virus floats. ((FloatShoes))
Grouch is a large furry ball covered with white hair that stands straight towards all directions. Only thing visible through the hair is a large mouth frozen as a sneer with fangs in it.
Grudge evolves and instead of one furry ball, there are now two and the hair becomes gray. They are not attached to each other, but always remain close to each other.
Grunge grows another ball for a total of three and the hair becomes a vile black color, with an feint aura of dirt around it. Just like Grudge, the balls cannot move apart from each other although they're not attached.
I Do Not Like You - With his ice cold personality, he throws various insults at the target Navi which deal emotional damage. The programming of a Navi is a bit dim though, so the shock of the insult sinks in a bit later.

Chip Name: ColdSneer 1/2/3
Damage: 40 + Stun/80 + Stun/120 + Stun
Element: Null
Accuracy: D, if RPed well might increase to C or B.
Description: The user will do his/her utmost best to insult the target Navi or virus which, in turn, causes emotional damage unless the target is not insulted enough (if it misses). So it's wise to do your best at insulting and sneering. Unlike the virus equivalent, the Stun effect kicks in right away.

Program Advance Name: UltimateSneer
Damage: 220 + Stun x2 + Northwind; Deals 40 To Self.
Element: Aqua
Accuracy: C, if RPed well might increase to B or A.
Description: The user will contort his/her face so much to create the ultimate sneer it actually causes bodily harm to her/himself. But this is all to throw the biggest insults one can make up at the one target you despise the most. The force of the insults thrown from the Navis mouth creates a huge bone-chilling surge of wind which cause the insults to manifest themselves as letters made of ice. The more insults, the more trouble the target will have with dodging your words. This time not only the insults will cause emotional damage to cause a stunning effect, but also the rocks of ice slamming against its body.