Igloo/ Igbloo/ Bigloo

Virus Name: Igloo/ Igbloo/ Bigloo
Damage: 30/50/70
HP: 100/200/300
Element: Aqua
Special: Cannot dodge, takes 2x damage from fire attacks (in addition to elec)
Description: The Igloo/Igbloo/Bigloo is a white/light blue/navy icey dome with teeth across its front and difficult to distinguish eyes frozen inside of its body. The igloo is entirely immobile. Fire will soften and liquefy their hard bodies.
Attacks: The igloo opens its mouth wide and intakes viruses (or any objects put into it either by enemies or allies). Once ingested, the virus or object is encased in a block of ice, then shot back out at rapid speed, making it very difficult to dodge and knocking off balance whatever they hit. In the case that nothing is available to ingest, it can use ice cubes it creates itself, but they take one turn to form.

Chip Name: Freezer 1/2/3
Damage: Freezes one/two/three objects or enemies (cannot target same object or enemy more than once), frozen objects become ice cubes
Element: Aqua
Accuracy: A
Description: An Igloo virus's dome-like body ascends upward from ground and consumes one target with its gaping mouth, transforming it into an icecube.

Program Advance: IceAge (Freezer1 + Freezer 2 + Freezer 3)
Effect: The terrain itself momentarily gains the face of the Igloo virus, opening wide to allow a zone range to fall inside its mouth, then spitting them back up in an explosion of snow and ice. All objects and targets are frozen indiscriminately and the affected area becomes ice terrain.