Virus Name: yeti1/yeti2/yeti3
Damage: 10 + aqua + break/ 20 + aqua + break/ 30 + aqua + break
HP: 70/140/210
Element: Null
Special: None
Description: A large half ape/humanoid virus that is commonly seen carrying around a large club made of ice. Fortuntely found in groups of one or two, this virus is extremely aggressive to any loud noise, and will try to attack anything that attracts their unwanted attention. They seem to attack even their own virus allies in a deep fear to keep quiet, probably from their original programming as avalanche warning system progs. They have become extremely dimwitted over their series of... upgrades, and will attack areas where bombs have already gone off.
Attack pattern: smash the loudest noise causer in the last turn, be it navi or virus caused.(bombs>guns>yelling>swords>talking...ect.)

Chip Name: IceClub 1/2/3
Damage: 60 + break/ 100 + break/ 140 + break
Element: Aqua
Accuracy: A, but melee range only
Description: User gains what seems to be a thick branch with a large chunk of ice frozen on the end. It's recommended use it to club enemies, but can be a handy(if large) Popsicle on hot summer days.