Martini virus and DrinkShake chip

Virus Name: Martini/ Malotini/ Maxitini
Damage: 5 x 3 + Confuse/ 10 x 3 + Confuse/ 15 x 3 + Confuse
HP: 50/100/150
Element: Null
Special: None
Description: The Martini/Malotini/Maxitini virus has a silver/ blue/ gold body shaped like a thermos, designed for shaking an iced drink. A black/ white/ red bow-tie adorns the lower front of the thermos, and its silk-gloved hands juggle ice cubes in an idle way. The hands are connected on deceptively lanky arms to the lower part of the thermos.
Attacks: Before the Martini can attack, it must chill and shake its drink to perfection. Once the drink is ready, the thermos screws itself open and launches a chilled drink towards its opponent, drenching them in alcohol and barraging them with ice cubes.
((Martini must take one turn to fill itself with ice-cubes before attacking, attack itself is aqua elemental))

Chip Name: DrinkShake 1/2/3
Damage: 10 x 3 + confusion/ 20 x 3 + confusion/ 30 x 3 + confusion
Element: Aqua
Accuracy: C, increases to B if used on ice terrain
Description: Summons a silver thermos in the hands of the user. The drink inside contains powerful alcohol and cubes of ice. The target it drenches once released becomes heavily intoxicated, not to mention pelted with ice cubes. If used on ice terrain, the cubes will retain a larger size while gaining little weight.