November Contest

The November virus contest will be another combination virus/chip competition.

The theme for this contest is bombs. We're looking for viruses and chips that employ new types of explosives. All signature and chip effects are up for grabs for this contest, and new ideas are welcome.

For this contest, we will ask that there be at least 3 versions of the virus and the chip.

Depending on the number and quality of entries, multiple winners are possible.

Contest ends on the first of December.
Because many people have asked... I will allow up to 3 Virus/Chip entries per person for this contest.

(Since I'm judging it, I don't mind at all. : D )

Go nuts, people!

EDIT: But put additional entries in separate topics.
Ok, let's make this clear:

These are BattleChips. You can exceed the limitations of the sig rules with them. You can do things with battlechips sigs can never do. So don't hold yourself back thinking that you must follow the sig guidelines when making your entry, because you don't.

My suggestion is to go to the battlechip section and look around there. You'll be surprised just how many effects there are that sigs will never have.

Be creative!
Time's up. Judging will be conducted over a 7 day period. The winner(s) will be announced Saturday.
I had to get my grubby hands in this bomb contest somehow, so Pally and I did the judging, and the results are in!

2 winners this time around: Pocket's BigBang viruses and GForce chips, and Steve's Pester viruses and GlueGrenade chips. Both went above and beyond in adding some spice to the hideously bland list of Bomb chips, so congrats to the both of you. If you have any questions why you didn't win, feel free to PM me or Pally.

The December/January contest will begin next Saturday, and the theme is: ICE! Bring in winter with the most frigid forms of jackassery you can think of, people! Like before, everyone must submit a virus/chip combo, can have up to 3 entries, and there can be multiple winners. Ice is the only limitation here; guns, swords, objects... So long as it's icy, it's fair game. So have fun with it and good luck.

Start date: Saturday, December 13th, 2008
Deadline: Sunday, February 1st, 2009