Bag 'O Candy

In my virus' defense, he's not scary... At all... He just fits the theme. And he's a rare one, seeing as we have no viruses that heal virus allies.

Bag 'O Candy1/2/3 (( BoC for short in this post ))

100 HP/150 HP/200 HP

BoC looks like a light brownish paper bag that's filled with random assorted candies. He wears slightly big shoes underneath which are red in color and has orange shoelaces. From his sides come thin arms, white in color, that end in gloves in a red color similar to his shoes. In the bag, besides the candy, is a black marker which he can use to draw faces on his front or back to show expressions. All versions look the same, but draw different faces. 1 draws happy faces, 2 draws angry faces, 3 draws scary faces.

Limited Supply - BoC can only use his candy-oriented attacks 5 times. After that, he becomes a normal bag. [6/8/10 Candies]
Energy Candy - BoC feeds one of his virus allies one of his energizing candies, usually coffee flavoured as they get passed out by all the old people, which heals the targeted virus by 20 HP. [20/40/60 Heal to target ally excluding self; Consumes 1 candy]
Jawbreaker - Not only being for fun and jokes, BoC also packs some heavy artillery in the form of candy. Taking out a hard candy known as Jawbreaker, he tosses it at an enemy to deal damage. [15/30/45 Damage to target enemy; Consumes 1 candy]
Trick or Treat - Whenever BoC spots someone using a Recovery chip, he immediately steps into the way and steals it. Only knowing how to store candy for the festivities, he transforms the chip into candy for him to use. [Steals Recovery chip from enemy; Replenishes 2 candies; Used automatically, even when not chosen as action]
Bag-ier - When BoC runs out of candies, he falls on the ground as a useless back of paper. While this is useless to him, it's useful to him or others. An ally OR enemy of the virus can take it and use it as barrier, which has HP equal to the amount of HP it had before it fell on the ground. [Used by first ally or enemy to reach him; Barrier HP = BoC's HP; Used when out of candies]

Candy Bomb1/2/3

The Navi produces a solid round candy in his hands that has a cord attached to it. On the end of the cord is a flame that's slowly getting closer to the candy. The Navi is then offered two choices. Or he eats the candy like a man or tosses it at the enemy like a girly man. Either way, the result will be explosive.
When eaten: Navi is healed, but the bomb exploded within its stomach for minor damage.
When thrown: The bomb explodes when it reaches its enemy and causes sugar-induced damage.

- Heal 50/70/100 HP to self, receive 10/20/30 damage at end of battle.
- Deal 50/70/100 HP damage to enemy.

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I...Like this. Any BattleChips planned?
Yeah. Majin had notified me of that previously. Updated with a chip. XD
Hmmm...Interesting. So, the 10 DMG from the candy is dealt at the end of battle? Yeah, I like this idea a lot. Damn you Shury!
Made some edits for version 2 and 3.
How much damage does the bomb deal if you throw it? Also, what kind of accuracy can we expect?

Maart wins.

How much sugar-induced damage do we get? (Zan asked this already)
Errrh, forgot about that description. I was pondering to make it heal-only, no damage.

Edit: Disregard that, I suck cocks. Changed for some 'delicious' damage.