ShotBomb Chip/virus

I'm still working on it, but here is my idea.

The virus is a metal sphere that floats around. I'm not sure of the name. It can open up to extend a vulcan-style gun.

HP: [v1]-60, [v2]100, [v3]140

1)It sweeps the area with bullets, hitting for low damage up to three times. Since each shot is separate, when navis are battling as a team, they might all get hit. Example:

Navi A + Navi B vs. Shotbomb virus - the virus shoots, two bullets hit NaviA for [x] damage, 1 attempts to hit NaviB but misses.
NaviA +NaviB +NaviC vs. Shotbomb virus - the virus shoots at all three, and hits each for [x] damage.

2) It explodes on a Navi for medium to high damage (the same damage as one of the bomb chips), may damage itself
NaviA +NaviB +NaviC vs. Shotbomb virus: the virus explodes on NaviC for [x], and came back together. However, it still took [x] damage.

Chip: ShotBomb 1/2/3
Effect: Navi throws ShotBomb in air. It stays up there, fires three [version-dependent value] damage shots, hitting random enemies. These shots are low-medium accuracy. The bomb then lands on the intended target for [version-dependent value] damage, with C-rank accuracy.

V1- each bullet does 5-10 damage, bomb does 30-40 damage (not sure which)
V2 - Each bullet does 10-15 damage, bomb does 40-50 damage
V3- each bullet does 15-20 damage

There are also versions of each element, for the virus Shotbombs and the chips:

FireShotBomb's gun attack is a FlameBurn attack, ElecShots is two ElecRings, AquaShotBomb sends out three bubbles. They are stronger, but since they are slower, they have lower accuracy. WoodShotBomb shoots out a Boomberang. They all have the same explosion damage, which is the V2. The HP of these is pending.

This is what I have so far.

Hmm, another of the floating objects of doom. The chip is creative, however. I guess I'll have to give some time for development to finish ^^
Again with the multiple elements... Urgh... Is having 1 element too hard these days?
Sorry. I thought the element ones were a bit much, too, having three versions of this virus already. Also, I kind of came up with the chip first, trying to come up with a creative chip. I thought that the virus might just launch these, but I decided that it would actually be the virus.