Eggie/Shell Armor

Let's try this shit out.

Eggie1 (Eggie2) (Eggie3)
Normal (Normal) (Normal)
Health Points:
80 (130) (180)
Eggie viruses are oval-shaped viruses with two small wheels coming out of the bottom left and right. Eggie uses these wheels to roll around as he can't stand up straight. The skin of the virus is a beige shell-like substance with a few light purple carvings on it. The wheels are also of the same substance as the skin. A slightly small crack is in the middle of the oval and a single small eye is visible within it. Around the eye is all dark, having no clear body. (V2: Carvings are red) (V3: Carvings are black and shining)
Defend - Takes wheels back into himself and covers the crack in his skin with a shell-like substance. Halves damage taken in a turn, 1 TCD
Attack - Ramming into someone by increasing his speed. 20 damage to 1 target, 0 TCD. (V2: 40 damage) (V3: 60 damage)
Dodge - With the flippin' and the hoppin' and the zippin' and the somethin' he tries to dodge an attack. 0 TCD.
Shell Armor1 - Decreases damage taken in turn used by 20
Shell Armor2 - Decreases damage taken in turn used by 40
Shell Armor3 - Decreases damage taken in turn used by 60
I like this virus. I really really do. It's kind of cute, but somehow kind of creepy.