Virus: Gloopy
HP: 30x (x = 1, 2, 3, 4, etc)

Description: Slimers are feared for their utter bloblike tactics, their slow movement, their burning touch--but where exactly do they come from?

Enter Gloopy. A tiny Slimer, coming only up to the knees of most Navis, Gloopys make up for lack in size by sheer numbers. Often found in hordes, they specialize in splitting themselves to overwhelm the opponent through a flood of slime. Over time, they eventually collect to form Slimers--that is, if any of them ever survive that long...

1. Split! Gloopy halves its HP to form another Gloopy with the same HP.
2. Fuse! Injured Gloopys clump together to form a bigger Gloopy!
3. Glomp! Gloopy jumps on an opponent, dealing 1/4 its HP in damage!
4. Toss! Gloopy propels a chunk of itself at an opponent, dealing 20 damage to both itself and the opponent! If it misses, the chunk becomes a new Gloopy with 20 health!

Background: While some Gloopys become Slimers later, occasionally there will "SuperGloopys", constantly growing and not conforming to the size limit. God help the adventuring Navi that encounters one of these things.

Drops: Zenny, Glomp chip

Glomp: An attack that deals damage = 1/4 HP of the user! Leap on an opponent and glomp them... to death!
All I can suggest is that you somehow make them not reference Slimers. Just a suggestion.

Otherwise, this is awesome.

Hilarious virus.
They sound really cool as viruses, although I do have to say that slimes are already the mascot of Dragon Warrior and Ragnorok Online (in the form of porings). XD

I like their strategy a lot though.