appearance:a long, thin, green arm with a small gun attached to where the hand should be that floats around and attacks what is in front of it that also has a sensor on the very top of the cannon that tells between freind and foe.

attack:lanches a very fast, thin beam that can either slow down a target or instantly delete a chip that the navi is curently equiped with. (does 20 damage in addition to being able to slow down a target to make dodges less effective for one turn or automaticly delete a chip that the navi is equiped with.)

abilities:can float around the feild.

drops:zenny, energy gun battlechip


name:energy gun

attack:50, hard to dodge properly.


classifacation:original/other, or gun

appearance:a long and thin, green gun barrel appears on a navi's appendage. when fired it looks like a thin beam of white hot energy that comes twords the enemy quickly.

if i need to fix anything, tell me.