Every so often, usually when the staff are bored or feel some particular need to expand the virus roster and chip database in ways that don't involve digging through what little is still left out from the games, we hold contests. Each contest has a theme, and will run for one to two months before closing. Winners will then be decided by a staff vote, although the number of winners for each contest varies depending on how many we need or want.

The contest rules are as follows:

    [li]You may have THREE entries per contest. Less than this is fine (of course), but never more. Any further entries will be ignored or deleted.

    [li]There is no particular format to post entries in, but if the information is hard to read (i.e. if it's embedded in a massive wall of text) it may decrease your chances of winning. We recommend looking through entries in the Contest Archive and basing your format on that.

    [li]In the case of a Virus/Chip Combo contest (most contests will be like this), merge both your Virus and your Chip into one thread.

    [li]Label your thread. The title should state the names of both the virus and chip series you are entering.

    [li]Don't spam other people's topics. In fact, treat other people's topics like registration topics. That means don't post in them if you're not a mod, and mods don't post in them unless you have something important and relevant to say.

    [li]Be Polite. Don't trash other people's entries in their threads (you shouldn't be posting in there anyway), in the chat, or anywhere else on the forum.

  • Entries need only include the first tier of a virus and chip to be acceptable. V2/V3, etc, are recommended but not mandatory.
Contest types are as follows:

    A contest for chips only. These have two types; contests that center around making a chip for a specific, pre-listed virus, or contests that center around making chips that will only be sold in shops.

    A contest for viruses only. Chances are when we make these, we're either wanting a virus that doesn't drop anything but Zenny for a chip-saturated area, or are wanting a Virus to drop an existing Chip.

  • Chip/Virus Combo
    A contest for both Viruses and Chips. Most of our contests will be like this. When we make these, we're generally wanting something to fill an empty niche. The rules for these vary greatly, though one rule remains the same; your entry must be a Virus AND the chip it would drop if it was implemented. These must both be posted in the same thread.
Current Contest: SPACE