The toybox

Would like to shelf Condor and Matt Willison Please.
Alright, what you'll want to do, is copy all of Condor's stats and such from your signature (which needs updating, by the way, he's got a Meteor9 for the Recov10, Guard1, and Shotgun you traded), and paste it all into a post here. This here is your shelf, and once it's here, you'll delete all his data out of your signature, as he's not in your slot anymore.

If you want to unshelve him, just copy-paste all the data back into your signature; simple as that.

EDIT: You'll want to go and get Condor's new description and subtype approved by Lurch as well; didn't realize you hadn't gotten all that finished.
Scratch that, I'm not shelving them. Just gonna keep this here.