Kiri Kisaragi/Honoo.exe

Shelving Tsujsa, Validus and co. Replacing current PC with this pair.

Name: Kiri Kisaragi
Age: 23
Gender: Female

As a servant of the Crimson Blossom inn in Yoka, Kiri is seen most of the time in her yukata outfit, decorated with red colored sakura petals against a red/brownish base color, and a golden yellow sash. Her hair is a very dark shade of brown, and is reaches shoulder length. She wears a pair of oval spectacles only when she is off duty, as her eyes are short sighted. Although the yukata she wears often hides it, Kiri's body figure is well developed. A fact she'd prefer to hide from other people as she believes that outer appearance does not dictate the true beauty of the individual.

Kiri is extremely soft-spoken, silent, and kind. Possessing a humble attitude which places others needs above herself, she exhibits a sense of warmth, a trait she developed after working in the Crimson Blossom Ryokan for 4 years, making her remarkably popular with her clients. Normally she is always smiling, and possesses a remarkably modest attitude. She also shows a personal understanding of Yoka customs and proper waitress duties in her inn, as well as familiarity with the history of the inn itself.

However, while it is uncommon to see her angered, when she does her normal sense of warmth becomes absent, and in its place is an extremely uncomfortable sense of dread. She still maintains a smile and a friendly demeanor, but her statements are anything but friendly. The fact that she is a practitioner of Kyudo, the way of the bow, and a sort of artist with knives, both in the kitchen and in throwing them accurately, are more than enough to deter any additional hostile actions towards her.

PET Modifications:
Kiri's PET is decorated with a floral pattern, but is has a striking orange and red contrast. Kiri's PET is an Advanced Type, with her emblem in the circular section below the screen.

Starting Equipment:
1 x PET
2 x MiniEnergy
1 x Undershirt
1 x SetLava

1 x Cannon
1 x Rageclaw
1 x Shotgun
1 x Firehit1

Name: Honoo.exe
Gender: Female
Element: Fire
Subtype: Break

Honoo, or "Blaze" in the Yokan dialect, is a remarkably curvy female navi with a crimson red breastplate and lower torso armor. Both armor pieces have long strips reaching down their sides, where an occasional pulse of red flows like a lava strip. Her midriff is naked, covered in a tribal tattoo design which coils around her sides and back.

Her defining weapon and equipment is a pair of gauntlets that are equipped with a twin-barrelled flamethrower and a massive, mechanical hand that when they curl into a fist shows a very distinct "FACE HERE" and and arrow pointing at the knuckles. She wears a pair of goggles which are reflective and a bright fiery orange, which she uses to cover her eyes in combat when she uses her gauntlets. Additionally, she also carries around a sort of flame fuel tank, which is just essentially a backpack in the shape of a flamethrower tank to catch opportunistic opponents off guard.

Honoo is brash, impulsive, violent, and acts before thinking. A complete polar opposite from her net operator, she and her netop shares a unique yin/yang bond that connects the two together tightly. She always speaks her mind out and points things out bluntly without mincing any words. However, Honoo is also truthful, as her bluntness also represents her absolute honesty.

Honoo absolutely detests trickery and long-winded discussions, and prefers a direct approach to handling things, such as smashing her way through barriers or destroying foes in a swath of fiery destruction. She prefers to keep things short as much as possible as well, and will not hesitate to automatically decide on a single decision without consulting anyone else first.

Despite her extremely hostile and short-fused behavior, Honoo believes in a strict code of honor, especially when it comes to opponents and allies. When they have proven themselves, Honoo will be extremely loyal to her allies, to the point of self-sacrifice, or outright declare herself to be the sole navi allowed to defeat a worthy opponent, which she would happily deem as an eternal rival.

She is also an extreme alcoholic when given the opportunity to consume liquor, in particular the digital versions of rice wine. While she can control her impulse from taking the first sip, once she begins it is extremely difficult to stop her rampage.

Custom Weapon:
Prometheus Gauntlets - A pair of gauntlets with weapons mounted on them. The left gauntlet sports a small gatling cannon, while the other carries a grenade launcher. Both have a dedicated flamethrower muzzle, while the second barrel fulfills a specific task.

Signature Attack:
Fire Blossom - 60 pts
40 Fire + Splash2

Pulling her goggles down to cover her eyes, her Prometheus Gauntlets release a tongue of searing flame in a horizontal 45 degree arc around her front, burning her targets.
And thus did Fire become the most abundant Element.