Reilyn Deshire and HighwayMan.EXE

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Name: Reilyn Deshire
Age: 14
Gender: Female

Appearance: A 5'3" skinny Netopian lass with long rusty-brown hair often done in a ponytail, with an off-center part and long bangs that barely let petite ears peek out. She has a lightly-tanned complexion and the brightest emerald eyes, and prefers to wear little to no makeup. She usually wears her school's simple uniform of white blouse with short black tie and black skirt, atop unremarkable black sneakers. In the colder months she gets to accessorize with a pullover or vest, gloves, legwarmers, scarf and hat. Out of school she dresses simply in frugal (some would say cheap) outfits that accentuate nothing. At times her gaze seems haunted and empty though if she realizes someone is looking her eyes quickly flash with pride and anger, or at least irritation, and a frown to go with it.

Background: Both parents Netopian, though she has been told she has cousins in Sharo. Mother passed away in childbirth with Reilyn's younger brother, and her father has never recovered. For years now, he has spent most of his days sitting around on government funding, drinking away every spare dollar and leaving his kids to raise themselves. Reilyn's childhood was very short, as she has attempted to be strong enough for the entire family and play both big sister and mother for all of them. She doesn't remember when her father became more violent but she did whatever she had to in order to keep attention to herself and her brother out of the line of fire. Unfortunately her brother decided his father's actions were acceptable behavior for a boy and he became an abusive bully at school and impossible to deal with at home. Within the last couple years her father's abuse has very much crossed the line and left the girl a chaotic maelstrom of doubt, shame and anger. One of his more recent stunts, mild by comparison, was to sell her PET and chips off for alcohol. Fortunately her teacher had a few banged-up spares and by dumb luck or perhaps fate, she became HighwayMan's operator.

Personality: Reilyn comes off as temperamental, anti-social and sometimes just downright mean. Her recent transfer to high school has demoted her from social royalty to the bottom of the pecking order, to her great frustration. Lately she prefers to just be left alone and holds an almost irrational phobia of being touched by her male classmates or teachers, usually resulting in a sharp and violent response. Somehow she has managed to avoid being suspended or expelled, usually by throwing around the word harassment and loudly yelling for them to keep their hands to themselves. Most just pass her behavior off as cracking to social tension, raging hormones and typical teen angst. If there is anything deeper going on she isn't saying and she has told enough teachers, students and counselors to mind their own business for most people to just pay as little attention to her as possible.

PET Modifications: Simply put, Reilyn's PET is worn out school property and a secondhand piece of crap. It has chips out of it's gaudy yellow plastic case, sparse scratches on it's screen and it's chip ejection system is broken, causing chips to sometimes stick and forcing manual unload. The only good things about the thing is it's impossible for her father to sell off and it's so old and damaged, her teacher let her keep it.


Name: HighwayMan.EXE
Gender: Male
Element: Fire
Subtype: Speed

Appearance: His true appearance is that of a 8' tall, red muscular oni. Completely demonic with raging fire for hair, eyebrows ans a goatee, he has slanted red eyes, a large horn in the center of his forehead and sharp tusks jut from his top and bottom jaws. He doesn't have a bodysuit like most navis, only wearing a large black and red jeweled necklace, along with a heavy pair of pants, held up by a thick rope belt and wrapped with leather straps near the bottom to allow his bare, clawed feet freedom. Emerging from the backs of his forearms and calves are a set of double exhaust pipes, like what might be seen on a drag racing car, and they often belch out flame and black smoke. Despite his bulk, he manages to move with an unnatural speed, propelled as needed by the force of the flames. Wicked claws tip the fingers of his large six-fingered hands and his evil fanged grin is the last thing many have seen. He almost never uses his default appearance, assuring everyone and anyone that it's just some stupid flashy GMO a school kid put on him a while back.

Gangster.GMO: A young man in his early 20s, he looks less like a navi and more like an oriental brigand with oni blood, or so the exaggerated canine teeth, small horns on his head and yellow piercing eyes suggest. He has a mess of short green hair with turquoise highlights and a pair of strait, long metal earrings on each ear. He is covered in lean muscle, which he shows off by only wearing a black open vest atop his tattooed chest. The green tattoos rise up (and presumably down) his neck and face and down his arms to his fingers. He wears a green sash for a belt, loose black pants and simple sandals. Wisps of smoke and green flames trail from him during his quicker movements in this form. HighwayMan insists this is his default look and anything else is just stupid, tasteless GMO.

Emblem:The navi's emblem is a tire in it's rim, wreathed in flame, and is positioned on his waist. It is typically hidden by his belt/sash.

Background: HighwayMan would admit to anyone he was great once, dodging specific details of course. He claims he is just training and the net is too soft to take him at full power. The truth however is that he ran with a pack of gangsters who had a private server linking to the undernet. His old owner and his fellow gangsters would run them for hours between crimes and 'jobs'. Eventually some of the gang got arrested, some turned on each other and others left. By the end of it all, HighwayMan found himself with a dead owner, a lot of people who wanted him deleted for good and nowhere to go. As luck would have it, his now-damaged PET's circuitry was mostly intact, and found it's way into the trash. It was picked out by someone looking for parts for refurbishing and the next thing he knew, the gangster was a kids' net navi in a school-issued PET. He saw lots of owners come and go over the years, and unfortunately each time he was returned, he lost any chips, upgrades and power he had gained. He eventually fell into his present operator's ownership, and according to her the PET was so old and junky that she never had to give it back. Time to start over again and hopefully nobody from his past will ever recognize him, at least until he was powerful enough to make them all pay.

Personality: In his true form, HighwayMan is an uncaring, cruel demon who cackles with glee as he spreads suffering and terror on a battlefield though in his preferred form he is much more laid-back. He prefers to remain a mystery to all and tends to blatantly lie about his past. If any of his stories are to be believed, he has seen much of the net world and been in and out of the Undernet often enough to run a gang there. He knows he isn't invincible but can't resist seeing his foes seething and careless from his mocking and general attitude, right before he deletes them. He claims that he has seen it all and deleted it all and decided he needed to challenge himself by starting from scratch. As a result of his extreme confidence, he usually prefers to manipulate anyone he can and make his foes suffer horribly. For some reason, when it comes to Reilyn he shows more patience and restraint. It's yet to be seen if she deserves any respect but in a sense, she is a comrade in arms and that's more then anyone else can claim.

Custom Weapon: In his true form, he throws blazing wheels of fire at his enemies, peppering them with smaller shots of flame if he needs speed over power. In melee he can attack with any of his claws, fangs or horn. If the opportunity presents its self, he enjoys roasting enemies with blasts of fire from his exhaust pipes. In his preferred form he carries a katana with a long chain coming from the hilt, ending in a dagger. He displays proficiency in dual-wielding the two, in using the chain to block and distract, or sending one or the other blade flying at his foes. When a foe is too far away to use his beloved blades against, he can materialize blades made of green fire and throw them or let them launch themselves.

Signature Attack:
Road Rash: (Cost 40) [Delayed Damage 20Fire/turn (Burn), 2 turn duration; 1TCD] HighwayMan clenches his fist and forms a swirling wreath of fire, which he then launches at a foe. Instead of a quick burning blast, the flames cling to the victim and flare up from time to time, causing steady damage.

Skid: (Cost 10) [Knockback; 1TCD] HighwayMan punts an enemy, the blow resonating with a shock wave blast that throws most foes back.

Throttle: (Cost 10) [Pull; 1TCD] In trueform his exhaust pipes belch out a solid black barbed chain he hurls to an enemy then with the snap of his wrist, loops it around them for a moment to pull them closer. In preferred form the chain of his weapon grows long enough to get the job done.

[NC choice: HP+50]
You're all set. Just make sure to update your signature and also to put your navi/op stuff in the information databases.

GET CHIP: Cannon x1, Shotgun x1, RageClaw1 x1
GET SUBCHIP: MiniEnergy x2
GET NCP: Undershirt, HP +50