One shady character for another

I'd like to shelve Noir for Shuffle.

Zenny: 300z
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<a href="javascript: togglebar('Shade1'); void(0);">Pack/subchips</a><div id="Shade1" class="signaturetab">2x Minienergy</div><br><a href="javascript: togglebar('Shade2'); void(0);">Chips</a><div id="Shade2" class="signaturetab">Drain1 x1, Shotgun x1, RageClaw1 x1, ElementTrap x1, Minibomb x1.</div><br><a href="javascript: togglebar('Shade3'); void(0);">Signatures</a><div id="Shade3" class="signaturetab">Efflorescence [5 Nova2] [Passive]
Shadow Grip [20] [1 TCD]</div><br><a href="javascript: togglebar('Shade4'); void(0);">Navicust</a><div id="Shade4" class="signaturetab">20/40
Undershirt [E][10]
HP+50 [E][10]</div>
<a href="javascript: togglebar('Shade5'); void(0);">Statistics</a><div id="Shade5" class="signaturetab">HP: 150
Level: 1
Attack: 1
Rapid: 1
Charge: 1
Element: Null
Subtype: Shadow</div>

Shuffle is a character I had a long time ago (BOB) (Shuffle), and would like to bring back again as the following:
Name: BOB (Full name B.O.B.A.R.D. Mk II: Biologically-Operating Business-Actuating Remote Dealer)
Age: 8 (Appears 40)
Gender: Biologically genderless; identifies as Male
Appearance: On first glance, BOB is a man in his early fourties that keeps his appearance to picture-perfect standard; his face is only very lightly wrinkled, and looks rather stiff. BOB's hair, dark brown and enduring, parts in the middle, coming down and back to either side and clinging closely to his head, not a single hair out of place anywhere. The moustache framing his upper lip is rather bushy, but well-kept, and his nose comes down to taper into a point; almost like a hooked nose, but with more of a straight slant. His jawline is rounded rather than squared, but shows a bit strongly just below where his cheekbones sit; this is the first sign of many that he is not, in fact, human. The second, more obvious tell is the fact that at the back of his mouth, just past the teeth and tongue, is a speaker where the entrance to his throat would normally be; in order to hide this, BOB usually speaks with a rather closed mouth, letting his moustache draw attention away from the concealed patch of dark metal. The third tell is BOB's eyes; while at first glance they appear to be normal, white sclera on blue iris on black pupil, closer inspection reveals the blue irises to be the rotating focus of his camera-lens pupils, glinting just a little too much light to be natural.

BOB's build is that of a tall man, but also one with a slightly thick frame; his weight is evenly distributed, certainly, so he maintains an average-appearing weight, but the bulk of the machinery that runs and moves him requires that he be thicker-limbed and bulkier-torso'd than most people, giving him an appearance of almost being chubby with muscle.

BOB himself, being originally created to be a poker dealer, dresses usually in the small array of upscale suits and dresswear that the Netvegas Royale casino provided for him; chief among these is a brass-colored button-up jacket-and-pants combo, with a black undershirt and a white tie, all of which are immaculately pressed and tailored. Over his hands, BOB consistently wears a pair of white gloves with the logo of the Netvegas Royale on their backsides; the same logo also adorns the breast of his suits, making him just a little bit of a walking advertisement. For shoes, he wears a pair of Tortoni Moros: Light brown leather dress shoes that are polished to a mirror shine and ridged in such a way that they look to be made from crocodile skins.

Personality: Ever the charming gentleman, BOB's personality is that of an upper-class butler; he lives to serve, offers sage advice whenever he can, and generally enjoys helping others and looking damned good whilst doing so. It is this personality which makes him a constant attraction at the Netvegas Royale, as while other dealers will try to put on a blithe face and a good attitude, to most of them it is a job. To BOB, it is life! It is art! It is movement! And he enjoys most every second of it, filling every hand with an artist's vigor and a dancer's grace, dispensing cards faster than most eyes can see. It is that fervor that attracts so many people to him, both in and out of the casino, as he is known to be quite prone to enthusiastic outbursts about things he loves.

This includes operating Shuffle, who is housed inside of BOB's circuitry rather than a separate PET; there are some advantages to being a robot, and BOB takes full advantage of these, reading battlechip data by inserting the chips into a slot placed on his left wrist, which ejects them after they are read.
Gender: Male
Age: Looks 23
Element: Null
Subtype: Team
Appearance: Shuffle is a tanned, handsome-looking navi; his build is lean, his height average (Equivalent of 5'9"), and his musculature also so. On top of that, he has an ass to kill for, and strong-looking legs that look built for chasing. Covering his pelvis is a pair of card-themed boxer briefs, black with clubs, hearts, and diamonds all over them... and a single spade placed suggestively on the crotch. Shuffle's face is well-set, with moderately high cheekbones and a chin just wide enough that his jawline does not taper off into a point. His eyes are yellow, the color of dandelions or topazes, and he has a rounded, "bell"-shaped nose. His hair, kept tied back into a short, immaculate ponytail by a clasp-locking circlet adorned with a club, is a light, silvery red, almost pink but far too saturated with color to be seen that way.

For clothing, Shuffle wears a set of black-with-red-and-white-pinstripe slacks, a pair of black dress shoes, a white dress shirt, and a black vest. Inlaid on the back of the vest are the symbols of the four suits, spinning endlessly around a stylized depiction of a jester. Weaved onto the outside hems of Shuffle's pants are a pair of clubs, and on his vest, just over his left breast is a heart. Over his right breast is another spade, and on the sides of his shoulders are a pair of diamonds; just below the joint, in fact.

None of these things are the most interesting aspect of Shuffle's outfit, however; Starting from just above the elbow and extending all the way down just past shuffle's wrists are a set of oversized, unattached black "sleeves", beginning with a tip on the outsides of his arms and ending in a rounded cuff that extends slightly further on the outside stitch than the inside, emblazoned with a red "A" over Shuffle's right hand, and a black "A" over his left. These "sleeves" are both a unique fashion statement and Shuffle's weapons; in battle, they dispense his cards.

It is worth noting that shuffle's weapon dispenses actual PLAYING CARDS, not the card summons that are attached to his signatures. Shuffle either simply allows these to be fired out of the sleeve, like a gun, or grabs them as they come out and tosses them like throwing knives-- or in some cases, bullets.

Personality: Shuffle can be summed up with the phrase, "Cockiness restrained". He will sometimes play the part of a cocky, headstrong card dealer, goading enemies (or allies) into games of chance and flights of fancy, but in reality he is well-versed and well-grounded in playing the game of life. (Not LIFE.) Beneath this exterior of cocky playfulness lay a navi that isn't too sure of his place in the world just yet; Shuffle has been around a long time, but he hasn't yet had the opportunity to do anything with himself, and that frustrates him, at times leading him to occasionally take chances that most navis would turn down. Interpersonally, when he is not showing off he is an agreeable sort, not prone to bickering or overbearing pressing of his own points or feelings, lending him well to getting along with others. Whether this is due to the influence of his subtype or not is uncertain.


Shuffle's cards are the graphical representations of his signatures; namely a character will generally appear, do whatever it is the signature does, and then disappear. OUTSIDE of battle they like to follow Shuffle around and be chatty little buggers.

Spades are cards that focus on the sword, and as a result, slashing attacks. They are primarily damage dealers, but a few of them have more interesting, slowing or debuffing skills that make a foe vulnerable for melee-range attacks. Visually, the Spades all carry swords that are spade-tipped, with the widest point of the spade coming out even past the width of the rest of their blades; they are also all dressed in black bodysuits, making their unarmored members seem reminiscent of assassins.

Diamonds are cards that focus on guns, bombs, and longer-range attacks in general. If it involves terminal velocity in SOME way, the Diamonds are likely involved. Their secondary skills are defense pierces and various ways to deal damage to specific resistances. As a suit, they have the most widely-varying sets of clothing; most of them share the trait of wearing gloves, however, intended to allow them the dexterity required for their attacks without damage. It is also worth noting that, almost as a rule, they try at all costs to use every sort of ranged attack except guns themselves.

Clubs focus on more environmental and non-damaging effects, things like telekinesis, movements, terrain changes, anything that doesn't fit into the other three suits. Visually, their distinction is that they all wear masks. Fancy masks, simple masks, wooden masks, paint, anything you can think of that at least partially covers the face. Some even wear glasses or monocles.

Hearts focus on supporting, buffing, and defending, dedicating their abilities to keeping fights going until the enemy is done. Most of them wear medical uniforms of varying sorts; ranging from fetishistic nurse outfits to medical scrubs to the military fatigues of combat medics.

2 Of Spades: Ralta
Gender: Female
Age: Appears 20
Appearance: Ralta is a petit female card; her build is slender but she is also short, standing a full foot shorter than Shuffle, and has been left less-than-endowed by grace or programming, leaving her with a frame that almost appears boyish. This slender body of hers is, however, perfect for quick movements, enabling her to fly across the battlefield with great speed. Her black hair is cut short and even, thick locks stopping abruptly in a horizontal line just below her chin in the back.

Her skin, by contrast, is a porcelain white-- what little of it there is that can be seen-- and so her face, the only uncovered part of her body, is comparatively lit up like a christmas tree. This draws attention to her eyes, which are a brown, earthy color. The rest of her is covered in a black bodysuit, which is in turn covered by a short-sleeved jacket-vest, stuffed to the brim with identical sets of dirks which stick out of it at any and every angle possible. She also wears a pair of foot-pads, colored black like the rest of her gear.

The dirks which are stuffed into her jacket are small, spade-tipped blades which could conceivably be used for throwing or stabbing; Ralta prefers to throw sets of them at people at a time, as at the moment none of them are too effective on their own.

Personality: Despite (or more grimly, perhaps because of) her apparent profession as an assassin, Ralta is always cheery and innocent-eyed, reacting more kindly and easy-goingly to things than even Shuffle usually does.

Signature: 2 Of Spades
Description: Ralta hurls a trio of dirks at a foe, wounding them.
Effects: 3 hits of 5 null + Slashing
Cost: 15 x4 = 60
Cooldown: Passive

For the new starter pack (Since he would be starting at L0 as his old data was vaporized apparently), I will take the ResetStage.
Shelving approved.

GET CHIP: Cannon x1, Shotgun x1, RageClaw1 x1
GET SUBCHIP: MiniEnergy x2
GET NCP: Undershirt, ResetStage