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Rebirthing AGWS and Shamus for these two... And Shelving Tetra and Mary to play them.

As a note, because of the Christmas event... The minibomb that was with the shelved team is now a fan, and hasn't been updated to reflect that because "Once your characters are in this thread, it will be locked, and your characters will remain preserved exactly as they were when you left them."


Второй_Arc.exe is a female navi standing at 5'9. Второй_Arc has black hair that reaches to the top of her neck in the back, and brown eyes. She wears a skin tight, snow camo jumpsuit with matching Sharen military boot. Around her neck is a puffy coat collar, much like those on fancy fur coats, connected to the jumpsuit. She has a head set on, with the band going behind her head. Attached to the right side of the set is a green sheet of glass that covers the area around her eye that shows Arc some kind of data.

Второй_Arc is one to obey orders to the best of her abilities, expectally if they involve the destruction of viruses. She is smart enough to try and avoid friendly fire, but there will be moments where she would ignore it. She has a dislike of aquatic type viruses and navis, so do not expect her to be kind towards them.

Custom weapon: AKM with GP-25 Grenade Launcher mod.

Burst fire (60 points)
Второй_Arc fires her weapon at a target for a second.
4 hits of 15
CD 2

Viktoriya Erin

Vikroriya is a 5'10 Sharen woman in her early 20s. She has brown that extends a bit past her chin in the back and blue eyes. When off duty she likes to wear clothing that shows off her curves.

When on duty Viktoriya follows orders with minimal back talking. She will try to get whatever assignment she is given done as fast as she can, with as little civilian involvement as possible if it comes to it. She will not be the most social person you have met. When off duty, Viktoriya is more social... a lot more social.

The Rebirth reason for having Shamus' gear... Viktoriya already gotten the two magbombs and energybombs from her occupation. As for the Rollinglog1, Fan, and Guard1 Shamus is her cousin, and since those were chips AGWS didn't like at all Shamus decided to give them to Viktoriya for her birthday. The 2480 zenny was just the amount left over from other expenditures.

[spoiler=Mary/Lord Tetra: 1000Z:0BF][spoiler=Netop]Mary
[spoiler=subchips]Minienergy x2
[/Spoiler][spoiler=chips]Cannon x1
Shotgun x1
Rageclaw x1
Rollinglog1 x1
[/Spoiler][/Spoiler][spoiler=Navi]Lord Tetra
Buster 1/1/1
Undershirt, stage reset
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