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Name: Charles Weber (No longer in use)
-- Daniel "Danny" Liefeld (Child)
-- Ryan "Rai" Suffolk (Adult 1)
-- Alexis Frame (Adult 2)
-- Alistair "Old Al" Krueger (Old Man)
Collective Name: The Wanderers
Gender: Male
Perceived Ages:
-- 8 (Child)
-- 23 (Adult 1)
-- 33 (Adult 2)
-- 80 (Old Man)

[Daniel Liefeld]


A short, spunky kid looking to be about 8, Daniel stands in at 4'2", and weighs in at about sixty pounds. His hair is black, and his skin is fair, though dotted with freckles on his face. He is usually seen wearing a dark blue shirt, and light brown shorts, with a pair of little white sneakers covering his feet. A mischievous grin seems to be plastered indefinitely on his face, with that childish playfulness reflected in his spirited black eyes. He is almost always seen in some state of grime and dirt somewhere on his person, and looks like the kind of child who would be given much of an earful by his mother. The ruffled, unkempt state of his hair usually masks a burn mark near the top of his forehead, which streaks across the entire length of his hairline. He uses a standard blue Link PET of a fairly recent model type.


Daniel is extremely mischievous, a real prankster. Going out of his way to deliver a child's justice to the big adults, Daniel's escapades irritate many a person around him. His various experiments lead him into being a very resourceful kid, able to pick out a random jumble of items and assemble it to something to his benefit. This skill is very useful in having to deal with being a homeless child a lot of the time. Contrary to all of these traits, however, Daniel is actually a nice kid... if you have anything he wants.

[Ryan Suffolk]


Tall and confident at six feet of height, Ryan's twenty-three-year old appearance is practically made to look striking. His jet-black hair is usually slicked back, with his shining black eyes covered partially by half-rimmed glasses. These don't really serve any purpose, as his vision is 20/20. A sunshine-yellow colored short-sleeved shirt and a pair of black slacks is his usual daily attire. A friendly smile is his only ornament besides that. He keeps a small blue cloth inside his shirt pocket, which he uses to clean his glasses, a rather frequent habit of his. His PET is a luxury model of the latest kind, both in features and design. It is bright yellow in color, almost golden in the right light. Behind it, an emblem of a black hawk is etched into the frame of the PET.


Radiating an aura of confidence wherever he walks, Ryan's theme is success, and lots of it. However, he isn't one to act arrogant or haughty or any of that stuff. In fact, he's very polite. Exceedingly so. It kind of irritates some people when he bows himself down before their feet, and still manages to look the picture of prosperity. He's also quite eccentric in his exploits, often doing various things to satisfy his sudden urges. He hoards a massive collection of interesting (and expensive) things for his own pleasure. He tends to overcomplicate things in his eccentricity, too.

[Alexis Frame]


Alexis' appearance would be likened to a traveling vagrant, had anyone made an assumption on first glance. Standing at 5'7", he is of average height, but his frame is extremely thin amd almost hunched over. His skin is pale, like he hasn't seen the light of day for months, and his tired-looking black eyes match his short-cut black hair. His clothes look very old and worn, with a grey short-sleeved T-shirt covering his top half. Grey slacks hang loosely to cover his lower half, with the slacks usually covering his shabby, patched-up leather sandals. His vision is completely shot to pieces, requiring him to wear huge round coke-bottle glasses; without them, he probably wouldn't be able to discern a person from a mailbox at 2 feet. He always carries a large clunky-looking grey camera in his frail hands, which hangs from his neck as well. Many, many different attachments are connected to it, to the point that it doesn't even look much like a camera any more. One of the attachments is a PET, and an old one at that.


Alexis is serious. Always, he is dead serious. Businesslike and steady, he adjusts his huge glasses excessively to make a point whenever he talks. He has this weird trait that whenever he talks to someone, he directly peers into their eyes with a passive, but piercing gaze. He has an obsession with the occult, and would always take out his camera to capture those little ghosts that "pop up" everywhere, according to him. Maybe he really does see ghosts, who knows?

[Alistair Krueger]


Typically what you would see soon heading off to the nearest retirement home, Alistair is what one expects from an irritated dying old man. Wielding a four-pronged walking stick, Alistair would stand at about 5'6" without the stick. His face looks every bit the octogenarian that he is, wrinkled and steeped in years of decay. He usually wears a heavy coat on top of a loose light green shirt with well-worn brown carpenter's pants. Despite his age, Alistair's eyesight is top-notch, and he only needs reading glasses for especially small print. Sometimes, instead of his walking stick, he wields a Winchester, and that's when you're going to get off his lawn. Figuratively, of course. Alistair has no lawn.


Alistair's almost always angry at something. Whether it's his cane, the neighbors, or that pothole in the sidewalk, he'll get his rage face on. His face is almost always screwed into a dissatisfied scowl, making him a bit unapproachable. However, if you do get on his good side, maybe introduce him to a few good side roads, bake him a few pies, he gradually turns into the grumpy-but-kind grandpa type. Really, all he wants is to rest in peace.


Years ago, one rather insignificant person "died" in an insignificant accident, whose name was Charles Weber. This certain Charles Weber was involved in some shady dealings with the occult, and had torrid affairs with giving his soul to ritualistic deals. His trade was assassination, through less than ordinary means, requiring less than ordinary amounts of compensation. Over the years, he took the lives of many, but not without storage. After all, he dealt with this sort of stuff. In a ceremonial knife he used in his rituals, he stored the various captured souls he assassinated from day one, using the knife to give him various advantages with his magics.

Charles also realized the potential of network-side assassinations, as well, and had his knife implanted with a PET attachment. The Navi inside, he coded and trained to execute his purpose as well, only in the world of the Internet. That Navi was Ether.ARC, whom he dubbed "the Soulstealer's Archivist". Working hand-in-hand with Charles, who took up Diving to execute targets in the world of networks, Ether's ruthlessness in deletion was unparalleled, and she absorbed the ghost data of countless hapless viruses, and not a few unknowing Navigators as well. She became something of a legend in those years past, talked about as "that ghost", mostly in part due to her floating blue countenance. Silently feared, Ether dominated the upper networks with her master.

And then, there was that insignificant accident.

Of course, this accident had to deal with Charles' occult doings, and involved him experimenting with a new technique of fusing his self with his Navi, Ether. It had been attempted before, but failed due to technicalities. Charles tried to fix the error by involving his mystic influence, but, well, suffice to say, it failed spectacularly, and he fell "dead" to the concern of nobody.

However, this brought on a rather strange occurrence as well. As the knife stored souls through Charles' rather unnatural assassinations, when the master lost his power, naturally the slaves would be freed. The PET inside was stuck in the middle of Charles' network-fusion experiment, and accidentally tore apart the souls in the knife's storage. Only four survived the tear, though how and why is unknown, possessing Charles' then-nearly dead body in an all-or-nothing try at living again. Overpowering the dying master's soul, Charles Weber "died", and the four lived.

Of course, Ether wasn't about to let her master die without some effort to the contrary on her part. As the PET-knife was connected at the time with Charles' experiment, Ether foolishly attempted to deny the desperate souls access to her master's body. Instead, however, it drained her of almost all of her energy, as well as her Soulstealer's Archive, reducing her to a mere bit of her former power. She tried to hold on by latching herself onto Charles' soul, as the master, but as her operator was dying, this instead locked her life along with the unfortunate four that possessed Charles' body.

After the accident, the four souls possessing Charles' body take on each of their appearances separately, switching whenever a certain "trigger" brings out one of them. The metamorphosis of the body and mind into another usually occurs out of sight, as each person knows when to take cover due to a certain cue-- the words "Who am I?" escapes their lips involuntarily, in the voice of the former possessor of their body, Charles Weber. And thus, starts the story of the Wanderers.


Name: Ether.ARC (Archive Container)
Gender: Female
Element: Elec
Subtype: Shadow


Reference Image

Ether takes on the form of a flickering blue hologram of a young 20-year-old lady. Her figure is quite slender and attractive, and her long, flowing hair descends to beyond her feet, but it is often lifted up around her legs from a breeze-like effect. Her true height is about 5'8", but she floats at 6'4" above the ground. A full-body dark blue suit covers her from neck to toe. Around her, several hovering blue flames burn without rest to represent some of the souls locked in her Soulstealer's Archive. A few hovering scrolls wrap around her bodysuit, covered in arcane markings. It is rare to see her expression change from either a state of calm and serenity or lethargy and sleep. You'd have to land her in a pretty tough situation to see Ether's eyebrows crease even the slightest bit.


Ether doesn't talk much. Her interactions with other Navis often involve brief, assertive statements. Ether is extremely calm at all times, what with her eyes only half-open, if they even are open. Her lethargic state can send her into narcoleptic fits, and she can even nod off in the middle of conversation occasionally. Apathy is one of her traits, not out of spite, but Her battle sense is quite alert, however, and she is absolutely ruthless in battle. She is not one to disregard strategy, however, and will use it to her advantage.

Custom Weapon:

The Soulstealer's Archive inside of her stores a vast amount of souls she has collected over the years, which she is able to shape and will into any form she desires, within reasonable limitations. This allows her attacks to manifest in whatever form her souls may take to adapt themselves to the weapon data she is given. Her blue flames will transform into a suitable shape and function as needed.

Signature Attacks: (60/60)

Active: Mischievous Soul
| Invisibility + Take Aim | Off-Target | 3 TCD | 60 SP/30 NP |
Summoning up the former soul of a rather prank-happy Navi, Ether temporarily infuses her body with it, allowing her person to become invisible to the eye as she sneaks around the battlefield. The mischievous soul is a bit twitchy, though, and after one attack, Ether's hand becomes a bit unsteady at aiming. She also can't keep up the infusion for very long, and her body expels the soul after a small period of time.

Chosen NaviCust Piece: HP+50