James Tyler and Exploit.EXE

Time to do some shelving until I feel like going back to Holo and Aelieth


Name: James Tyler

Age: 23

Gender: Male

Appearance: James is a man of average build, standing just under six feet and weighing in around 175 lbs. His eyes are muddy brown in color and rest below a strong brow. His nose is sharp, though it appears to have been broken in several places through his life. Thin lips, often spread into a wry smile, lay above a square jaw littered with scruff. Atop all of this is a short cropping of black hair. Though he isn't a muscle builder by any standard, James does have at least decent muscle tone. In most cases, James wears dark-colored T-shirts, jeans and trainers, though he owns a much wider variety of clothes. His usual accessories consist of a high-end digital watch and a ring bearing his family crest, which he wears on a chain around his neck.

Personality: The heir of a slightly less than reputable legacy, James was born into the life of a thief and is next in line to inherit the Shadow Spectre title, which has been passed from father to son for generations. Understandably, James is less than enthused about having his future decided by others and thrust upon him. So, to spite the old man, he turned his back on his family when he was twenty and sought to live his own life. He's typically a laid back guy, content to experience life at his own pace. However, food needs to reach the table somehow, and a series of odd occurrences seems to keep James unable to hold a steady job, forcing him to fall back onto the skills drilled into him by his father and grandfather to maintain his lifestyle.

PET Modifications: No outstanding modifications aside from being matte black with shiny black highlights and JT engraved on the back plate.


Name: Exploit.EXE

Gender: Male

Element: Elec

Subtype: Bug

Appearance: Exploit's body consists of six main parts, his head, torso, forearms and legs, connected by streams of aberrant code that fill in the gaps. The majority of his physical body is purely mechanical, though what is visible of his face is still the Navi equivalent of flesh. His head is crowned by a pointed helmet, flat on top, that overhangs his face slightly and extends past the back of his head roughly six inches into a point. His eyes are covered by an opaque visor that splits along his nose, tapering to points along his cheekbones before curving back up to his ears, which are covered by metal disks emblazoned with his Navi symbol. The visor can be retracted into the helmet to reveal orbs flooded with streams of code where an iris and pupil should be. His torso is a roughly pyramidal piece of armor with another disk featuring his Navi symbol placed directly on his sternum. His forearms are of a similar theme to his torso armor and mirror images of each other with the exception that his right arm has a raised port along its center that houses the Data Spike. His legs are segmented pyramids, able to bend at a joint for added mobility. Exploit has no feet to speak of, but instead code flows from the point at the bottom to support his weight, bleeding into the Netscape beneath him. This does not mean that he is tethered to the ground, however, and when he does jump (or otherwise become airborne), a basic foot appendage forms from the code.

Personality: As the Shadow Spectre moved into the digital age, data theft became as lucrative, if not more, than the theft of physical objects. As such, the Navi of each Spectre needed to be well equipped for breaking into and stealing from a wide variety of Networks. Exploit is the most recent Spectre Navi, though the thought behind his creation was different than his predecessors. Instead of just going at it brute force, or trying to coerce the system into letting go of its secrets, Exploit was made to use small bursts of "controlled chaos." By introducing a multitude of bugs into the target, it would eventually either shut down or be too bogged down to stop him from just waltzing on in and claiming his prize. Exploit revels in this method of infiltration, and takes the same approach to battle. Unlike James, he looks forward to the day that they become the Shadow Spectre, and has secretly been sabotaging his Operator's attempts at honest work to force him to accept that he must don the mantle of his father. He isn't above openly ridiculing his operator, and will do so whenever the occasion presents itself, but is absolutely loyal to James. Even the sabotage is from some perverted sense of loyalty, rationalized by Exploit as doing the wishes of James' true nature. Perhaps an over exposure to the bugs he uses to infiltrate has caused some glitches to present themselves in his behavior, often manifested by minor tics.

Custom Weapon: Data Spike: Attached to Exploit's right arm is a telescoping metal spike, about a meter long. While this is most useful when interfacing with systems to gain access, it is quite pointy and can deliver a bit of a prick to those Exploit sees fit to run through with it. Alternatively, he can channel the destructive code he uses breaks into secure systems through the spike, allowing him to discharge it at enemies from a distance.

Signature Attack: Upload: Electricity runs the length of the Data Spike as Exploit lashes out at his enemy. The obvious effect is the nasty feeling that 1.21 gigawatts can leave in a person, though electricity wasn't all that Exploit loaded into his opponent... (40 damage + Elec + Shot + Glitch. 2 TCD)

Starting NCP: Undershirt, Set Sea

Quote ()

Zenny: 120
<a href="javascript: togglebar('Raigingekiexcel1'); void(0);">Operator</a><div id="Raigingekiexcel1" class="signaturetab">Name:  Aelieth Hadrok
Key Items:  PET</div><br><a href="javascript: togglebar('Raigingekiexcel2'); void(0);">Net Navi</a><div id="Raigingekiexcel2" class="signaturetab">Name:  Holoß.net
Level:  8
Element:  Electric
Type:  Speed

HP: 140
Speed:   4
Attack:  2
Rapid:   2
Charge:  2

Currently Equipped:  Undershirt (10)
Currently Unequipped:  None
Remaining NaviCust Points: 30/40

HP Memory x2
Process Upgrade x7
Speed Upgrade x1
PowerUP x3

*Sprite courtesy of The_Grim_Reaper</div><br><a href="javascript: togglebar('Raigingekiexcel3'); void(0);">Chips</a><div id="Raigingekiexcel3" class="signaturetab">Battle Chips
Current Folder:  Default
Folder Contents
RageClaw x1 (40+Slashing / 20+Impacting. 6 uses)
Cannon   x1 (40+Knockback)
Shotgun  x1 (50+Spread 1)
Guard     x1 (Reflects one attack, bouncing back a maximum of 60 damage)
Dash Attack x1 (90 + Impact.  Up to 5 enemies)
DBLBeam x1 (Either 40 null damage to all enemies (red) or heal 30 to all allies (blue))
Wideshot x1 (60 + wide attack. Up to 3 adjacent enemies, but must hit all at the same time)

Sub Chips
MiniEnergy x2
</div><br><a href="javascript: togglebar('Raigingekiexcel4'); void(0);">Signature Attacks</a><div id="Raigingekiexcel4" class="signaturetab">Hardware Upgrade:  Variable Hertz Projector:   By keeping his projectors' refresh rate in constant flux, Holoß's attacks create multiple afterimages that make his attacks appear to connect several times.
--Mirage I: 20 passive damage. (Cost: 80 points = 20 passive)
--Mirage II:  20 passive damage. (Cost: 80 points = 20 passive)

Hardware Upgrade:  Hard-Light Retrofit:  By retrofitting a more powerful version of his hard-light projectors into each of his smaller projection points Holoß's holograms have gained a transparent hard-light coating, allowing an extra layer of padding to better protect his core systems. (Cost: 80 points = 20 passive. 20 point HP Barrier; Passive.)

Projector Adaptation:  "Deer in Headlights":  Holoß focuses the extreme brightness his projectors are capable of to momentarily stun his opponents. (Cost: 40 points. 10 damage + Elec + Stun to one target. 1 TCD.)

Projector Adaptation: "Double Vision":  Splitting his projectors, Holo creates a double that can move and mimic attacks, but deals no damage.  Once the double is gone, a beam of electricity fires at an enemy.  (Cost: 60 points.  1 Decoy, lasting 2 rounds + Elec + Shot + 20 damage. Special (Fluff): The damage dealt by this attack is activated when the Decoy ceases to exist. 2 TCD.)
<a href="javascript: togglebar('Raigingekiexcel5'); void(0);">Cross Information</a><div id="Raigingekiexcel5" class="signaturetab">Crosses

Friendship Points
SummonerMan: 18 FXP
Anyis: 4 FXP
Rhea: 1 FXP
Gear: 1 FXP
SplashMan: 3 FXP
ViralMan: 6 FXP
DruidMan: 1 FXP
Looks fine, approved. Be sure to post Holo up in shelved op/navi pairs.