Cole Isei and Blazeman.EXE

TO EA- *shot*


NetNavi Name: BlazeMan
Gender: Male
Element: Fire
Subtype: Shadow
Blazeman is a reddish-orange navi with bat-like wings that don't make him fly on the back. For a symbol,it looks like a giant purple star. He also has two shadow flames on his hands.
Personality: Blazeman is a fighter navi that loves to bust viruses. Some run away from him,because he kind of looks like a Darkloid with the shadow fire in his hands. Sometimes FlareMan acts a bit mean,but not all the time. Some like to call him ShadowBlazeMan. BlazeMan is a fighter because Cole always works him to the bone.
Custom Weapon: Shadow Fire (Range of a normal buster. Shoots a dark flame in front of him.
Signature Attacks:
Name: Volcano Rise
Description: Blazeman grabs the ground, and says "Volcano, RISE!", and then a huge volcano rises, and changes the terrain.
Effects: Large Area Coal Terrain Change
Cost: Large Area Coal Terrain Change (40) = 40 TCD: 1 (40/140 SigPoints)

Name: Nova Fire Drain
Description: Blazeman goes into a T-Stance, and then fire explodes around him, sucking the soul out of the things that get hit.
Effects: Nova3, Fire, Drain Cost: 10 Nova3 *Drain*
Damage (20x3=60) + Fire (Free) = 60 TCD: 2 (100/140 SigPoints)

Name: Tempest Flame
Description: Blazeman reaches his arms into the sky, while his flames go up into the air. When they reach the sky, they come back to Blazeman, and fires a fiery bolt.
Effects: Fire Type, Shot Type Attack
Cost: Fire (+0), 40 Damage (+40) = 40 TCD: 2 (140/140 SigPoints)

Operator Name: Cole Isei
Age: 11
Gender: Male
Appearance: Cole is a 5-foot tall boy, whose weight is about 65 pounds. His usual attire is a red t-shirt and a pair of blue jeans. He has blond spiked hair. His eyes are blue.
Personality: Cole acts silly sometimes when he feels like it,and very fond of busting Viruses all the time,so he overworks Blazeman. Cole also enjoys watching television when he doesn't want to fight. He makes friends nicely,but also makes enemies at the same time but not all the time. Some people call Cole a chatterbox a lot,because Cole LOOOOVES to talk.
PET Modifications: A black and blue PET,and the symbol is a giant shadow flame star.
Key Items: Cole's PET
Subchips: MiniEnergy x1, SmallEnergyPack x2
...What navi are you shelving into. If you want to shelve, you need to register the navi you want to change into, not post your previous navi's profile.
Okay, I'll go post him, just give me some time to type him up
Make sure to post it here and post your current signature along with it for safe keeping , just in case you want to go back to using Blazeman.
I actually don't want to use him ever, ever, ever again.
Okay, I read it.
I don't know what you are trying to tell me, but can this Cole be the same as Cole Isei, only his last name ended up getting changed?
I was suggesting that since you never want to use Blazeman ever again, you can basically say that Cole got sick of his original navi and deleted or rewrote him and started with a fresh slate to create MoistureMan. You would be able to transfer the zenny and upgrades to your new navi as long as it was the same Cole character. You can't change his last name because would be the same person. No one really uses your character's last name unless you make an effort to emphasize it.

Also, it came to my attention that you were also using Aquaeye5 as an alternate account. Normally that kind of behaviour would get you PERMANENTLY BANNED from this site. However, I assume you skipped over that part of the rules which is still almost as bad. I'm increasing your warn level by 2 meaning any more infractions and you will get banned.