Giannis and Gigaman

Here are the decriptions of Giannis and his netnavi Gigaman.



Appearance:Giannis has short and black hair but a few people have seen it because he always wears a red hat.His eyes are brown behind the sunglasses he always wears.He loves wearing different types of T-shirts but especially he prefers red and white.His pants are black and clean because he washes them every day.He is 1 and 75 metres tall and 80 kilos.

Personality:Giannis is a very cool person and he can be calm even in the most dangerous situations.He always helps his friends,to all their problems.He is very selfish because he believes that he is the best operator in the whole world.He is also very shy to beautiful girls.He loves his netnavi Gigaman and he is determined to protect him whatever happens to him.He shows big respect ot his parents and he wishes to become the best operator in the world.He studies much though because he wants to become a great scientist.

Pet Modifications:He has a red and green PET.


Appearance:Gigaman is a green and red netnavi.He is very handsome for a netnavi.He wears a red short helmet but when he is in a battle the helmet covers his whole face but he can see because from the inside his helmet is transparant.His right leg is red and his left leg is green.Onto his helmet there are two shining orbs whiches can help him in the dark.His left hand is red and his right hand is green.His red and green armor is clean and it always shines.His green eyes attract many female netnavis.Under his helmet he has brown hair and long hair.

Personality:Gigaman is a very kind netnavi but he can also be fierce when in battle.He shows a big respect to his friends.He does not believe that he is the best netnavi in the world but he fights hard to become.He does not like fighting very much but when his friends or his operator are in danger he jumps into battle immediatly.He shows big respect ot the older navis and to his enemies.He passes his time sitting alone and thinking or training.

Points Pool:60

Custom Weapon:Giga Sword:When in battle his right hand transforms into a red sword called the Giga Sword.Using that he can defeat all the enemies in his way.

Signature Attack:Giga beam:Gigaman throws a huge beam that defeats any opponent caught in its way.20 damage.1 turn cooldown. Sword Combo:Gigaman attacks three time with his Giga sword and causes a big amount of damage to his opponent.1 turn cooldown.40 damage
Okay. Let's start.

Your descriptions for both your Op and Navi personality and appearance are rather short. If you could add another sentence or two, that'd be nice. Furthermore, you have to remove the references about other characters (Sora 94 and MagmaMan).

Your signature attacks are totally wrong. Completely. I suggest you read this thread for how to make signature attacks, and then this one to see what your sigs can actually do, since what you've got is almost unusable in it's entirety. If you're having trouble understanding the rules, we're here to help, but please read the rules before you just make stuff up.
Okay, you edited in some random point numbers. I don't think you get it.

Your first sig is totally, completely, illegal. You've never have one like that. Ever. Get rid of it.

Your second one is in theory fine. 60 damage from some sword hits. However, you only need to have 2 turns of cooldown.

Your descriptions are better.
The beam attack needs a turn of cooldown as well.
Everything checks out here. Before you start fighting viruses, please look at the Roleplaying and Battling rules. I would also recommend taking a look at some of the other user's battle threads, like this one. Good luck, and see you on the battlefield!

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