Putting Dove N' John in their PLACE

Shelving old team, to make a new one.

Name: John
Appearance: John's a 140 cm tall kid with dirty blonde hair, which is a little long, but doesn't go fully past his ears,(and it's pretty messy). He wears a dark blue hoodie with a zipper. His sleeves are usually rolled up to his elbows. He has black shorts, and wears two different coloured socks (black and white) and White running shoes. He has brown eyes. Oh, and he's white.
Personality: John's a religious guy who bothers people about what it says in the bible about the bad things they do. He's generally quite cheerful, and he always shows up if someone needs some help.
PET Modifications: It has a Grey, old, and rusty look on the front, and the back is red.

Name:Dove EXE
Element: Fire
Type: Recover

user posted image
A once beautiful white wind type navi, now a recycled junkyard machine. He wears a brown coat around himself, to hide the mechanics behind his new arms and joints. His head/helmet resembles that of a dove, and it is the same as before, only much more dirty. His right fist is bigger than his left. He wears a dark gray mask over his mouth as well. His right fire produces fire from his palm by using the two red gasoline tanks on his back (When hand is opened). His legs are protected with silver and beige armor.
Personality: Dove never takes things for granted. Even though his old operator died, and he was send to the Junkyard, he managed to survive and stay positive. He's always happy, especially during battle, and he's always developing new methods for fighting.
Custom Weapon: 2n'd (Flamethrowing Hand).

Signature Attack:
Flame Drain (30 drain) (2 turn cooldown)
-Dove lunges at enemy with fist, when contact is made, he opens his hand releasing a mighty burst of fire. After releasing fire upon enemy, Dove vacumes the fire back up into his hand along with some of the enemy's health.

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NetNavi: Dove.EXE
Level: 0
Speed: 1 (3 actions)
HpMem: 0
Equipped Navi Cust Programs: (30 out of 40) UnderShirt (10), Attack+1 (10), Charge+1 (5), Rapid+1 (5)

Zenny: 200
1x RageClaw, 1x Cannon, 1x Shotgun, 1x Zapring1

2x MiniEnergy

Pieces: 1x UnderShirt, 1x Attack +1, 1x Charge + 1, 1x Rapid + 1

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