Sora and Magmaman

Name: Sora
Gender: Male
Age: 22 years old

Sora has brown eyes and brown hair . He wears clothes of different colors, he is clean because he takes a bath everyday.
personality: Sora is really tough and strong headed, he changes his opinions with difficulty and thinks before doing anything. He is generaly helpful and handsome to others.
Pet modifications: Red pet

name: Magma man
Gender: Male
Element: Fire
Subtype: Ground
Appearence: He has a red helmet with a flame on it. The color of his armour is red but he wears black shoes.
He is helpful and collaborates very quickly with Sora. He is very handsome and courageous but isn't enough confident. He progresses with a stable rythm.
He is also Gigaman's best friend.
Custom weapon: Fire sword: He uses this sword with great attention in order to exterminate his ennemies.
Signature attack: Rings of fire: With the energy that he has in his sword he can create rings of fire which burn or immobilize its enemies.
Three turns cooldown.
Hell's fire: Very strong flames destroy the enemies. these flames are coming from the ground.
5 turns cooldown.
Okay. Let's start.

Your descriptions for both your Op and Navi personality and appearance are rather short. If you could add another sentence or two, that'd be nice. Furthermore, you have to remove the references about other characters (GigaMan). You Op also seems to wear a multicolored cloth draped over his head and runs around naked dripping bathwater.

Your signature attacks are totally wrong. Completely. I suggest you read this thread for how to make signature attacks, and then this one to see what your sigs can actually do, since what you've got is almost unusable in it's entirety. If you're having trouble understanding the rules, we're here to help, but please read the rules before you just make stuff up.

EDIT: And now that I think about it, MagmaMan is an official character from MegaMan9. This is completely not allowed. No official characters are allowed of any kind.