Ryouta and Sage

Alright, so it's pretty clear by now that Binary and Chris are going nowhere for me. So, I'm giving a different pair a go just to see if that's the problem. If it's not and my inspiration for this site really has hit zip, well, that's my problem.

Name: Ryouta Munashii
Age: 14
Gender: Male

Appearance: Ryouta is Electopian (Japanese), and much of his appearance can be explained purely with that. His skin is the colour of parchment, and his build is rather slender with no significant wellspring of muscle or height present. His face is narrow, with perpetually squinted eyes and pitch-black hair. His wardrobe changes as the days go by, but there are a few things he keeps constant with his outfit. These effects are a digital watch he keeps on his wrist at all times, a mood necklace hanging around his neck, and a plain black fedora. He'll also always have a pair of leather gloves on his person, but will not always be wearing them.

Personality: The phrase "Jack of all trades, master of none," could not be any more suitable for Ryouta; he's competent in everything he does but doesn't have anything he's really good at. His grades are alright, his fitness level is average, he's not particularly tall or short. Even in his chosen activities, such as fooling around on computers, writing and playing music, reading books and watching movies he's not hugely talented. Even personality-wise he's not extreme in any one aspect. Ryouta generally puts up a front of calm, easy-going, and on some occasions apathy. This is generally complimented with him being incredibly indecisive. Of course, being a teenager he gets the occasional mood swing, random moment and random craving for something, but aside from that there's nothing that special present.

PET Modifications: The only differences that keep Ryouta's PET from being the standard Link+ model are the forest green and navy blue colour scheme, and a tablet installed into it.

Name: Sage.EXE
Gender: Male
Element: Normal
Type: Wind

Appearance: Sage appears to be an ordinary teenager that somehow managed to get himself lost in the Net. He looks about the same age as Ryouta, only taller and appearing to be Netopian (American) as opposed to Electopian. His ash-brown eyes are generally hidden behind a head of semi-long, somewhat bushy brown hair. This hair is in turn always kept moderately quiet by a black fedora; the exact same one Ryouta wears, so that only the ends show. For clothing, Sage dons a black, knee-length trench coat; a special inside pocket holsters a metal coffee mug with a lid, with a white dress shirt underneath. White dress pants with black leather shoes don his legs and feet, with a pair of leather gloves completing the look. Usually, he'll always have a hold on his coffee mug with one hand; it never really seems to empty.

This, however, is only Sage's standard appearance. Ryouta, being the indecisive prick that he is, decided that he would code Sage to be able to change into whatever the hell he wanted him to. Due to shoddy programming on Ryouta's part, this was not the case. While he is able to potentially morph into pretty much whenever he feels like, he can not morph into an exact copy, merely a visual representation of his thoughts. Additionally, neither Ryouta or Sage have any control over what he actually morphs into, which can occasionally lead to interesting situations.

Personality: Sage is as whimsical as Ryouta is indecisive. He can never take anything so incredibly seriously, and his interests flit from one thing to the next; this generally results in him morphing into different things as he speaks for emphasis. Being modeled after a teenager, Sage is just as prone to mood swings as the next guy, generally accompanied with a random morph. He and Ryouta get along surprisingly well, sometimes breaking into idle chatter even in the most unsuitable of situations. Sage's interests change with the wind, as is nearly everything about him. The only things that will constantly remain static with him is that he despises the sleep mode on the PET and will usually find a way to get out of going into sleep mode, and he freaking loves his coffee. Even though coffee technically shouldn't exist on the Net, he's almost always got his bottomless coffee mug in hand, drinking from it at random intervals.

Custom Weapon: Whatever the hell Sage wants to. Whether it's drawing a sword from a scabbard previously obscured by his leg, or pulling a gun from a pocket, or even just up and punching the foe in the face, it'll all work just the same. This also applies to chip attacks.

Signature Attack: PAUNCH!

Simply put, Sage runs up in whatever form he's in, and punches (or the equivalent of) the foe in the face. While the punch is not extraordinarily strong, it has the innate ability to send the target flying. Sage can also use this effect to move himself around by punching the ground, or an inanimate object. Damage can instead be done by him slamming into the enemy.

20 damage (20) + Microburst (40)

2-turn Cooldown

<throws away his BinaryCross>

Anyway looks good except for showing the values in your signature attack.
Unless I'm unaware of some rule, a Cross with a shelved Navi can still be used, even if it is still locked away.

Also, sig values added.
So far so good; sans the missing personality.

Personality added, can't believe I missed that. Also, bottomless coffee mug added for shits and grins.
*bumps back*

You know what you can and can't do with the transforming, yada yada. Approved. NOW GET POSTING AGAIN.

GET CHIP: Cannon, Rageclaw, Shotgun
GET NCP: Attack+1, Rapid+1, Charge+1, Undershirt
GET SUBCHIP: MiniEnergyPackx2