Camillia Ranbard and Rhea

Name: Camillia Ranbard
Age: 16
Gender: Female
Appearance: Sketch here.
Usually a soft smile on her lips, the wheelchair-bound lady had given up on the idea of grooming herself; her slightly-past-the-shoulders, straight maroon hair is let down (sometimes even in a mess), wearing a simplistic long-sleeved shirt with an ankle-length skirt, occasionally with a blanket to conceal her glaringly absent left leg. Most of her wardrobe consists of dark-colored clothing--her crimson eyes had never once landed on expensive or elaborate dresses. If she was capable of standing, she would stand 5'4" tall.

Soft-spoken and polite, she had withdrawn from the upbeat and quick-witted personality that had left her along with her limb. Camillia will try to answer all the questions that people throw at her, but usually keeps quiet when it came to her health and past lifestyle, which had gone down the drain and never to be seen again. However, she would get irritated and angry when people decided to pity her condition. However, her past experiences come useful when it came to stressful situations, where she aimed for the most logical solution possible.

Camillia tries very hard to be an independent individual and live without others looking after her. She had a history for being active and liking travelling, but her condition since the car accident had limited her abilities to pursue that dream. She now moved into a cousin's house for convenience's sake; she wanted a new environment to stay in, but her parents had insisted for her to stay with someone they knew and trusted.

PET Modifications: None. Camillia wanted to keep things simple.

Gender: Female
Element: Normal
Type: Sword
Appearance: Sketch here. Emblem.

Rhea is 4'8" by real world standards. Her armor is mostly of a light purple tone, nearing a sort of pink, as her bodysuit is a deep violet color. Rhea's hair extends to just above her knees and flows with a certain elegance. Along with her eyes, that are always giving some sort of placid look, Rhea's hair is colored a shining light purple that almost makes it seem silver, but possibly only due to the radiance it gives off. Her skin is light in tone, and headphones the same color as the majority of Rhea's over-bodysuit armor hang from the back of her head. Rhea's emblem, a metallic circle jutting into itself at three locations with a purple circle on the inner rim of the grey one and a purple minus sign near the top of the interior, is displayed openly on the outsides of her headphones. On top of her bodysuit, Rhea wears a tanktop and what seems to be a piece of armored underwear, both of which are connected to each other by two straps that run across her front and back, trailing from the lower end of the tanktop, bearing the same light purple tone as the rest of her armor. Her boots and gauntlets reach up to her knees and elbows, the former ending in an armored ring, while the latter extends some plating more towards her shoulders. The back of Rhea's left gauntlet provides a screen display for information her operator sends to her. The screen background is usually a deep blue color. Attached to the back of the right gauntlet, however, is a cylindrical-shaped energy sword generator that forms an aquamarine colored rapier-like blade that extends about the length of her legs.
(Note: Description courtesy of RevivedSin. Thanks alot!)

Personality: Rhea's relationship with her NetOp is slightly strained, and is always in doubt of the meaning of her own existence. That uncertainty had led to the Navi not communicating well with Camillia, but Rhea would willingly talk to her if she saw that her NetOp needed it. She is fiercely loyal, and wouldn't hesitate to follow Camillia's commands—and that's the only way Rhea could be sure that she was really useful, and gain confidence in her own abilities.

Sometimes, the dragging silence's the only thing going on between the NetOp and the Navi.

Custom Weapon: Rhea's doesn't possess a buster, but rather a forearm mounted blade. The blade is usually powered with a mini particle generator, generating a simple blade for Rhea to attack with.
Charged attack: The Forearm mounted blade generates energy and smashed it into the enemy, dealing more damage than usual.

Signature Attack:
=Harvest (Active, 60 sig points; 30 Life Drain, 2TCD.)
Rhea approaches the enemy to recover her lost data packets-- at the expense of the enemy.

(EDIT: Found that I understood the Signature Attacks wrong. Fixed, thanks to Sj.)
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GET CHIP: Shotgun, Cannon, Rageclaw
GET NCP: Undershirt, Attack+1, Rapid+1, Charge+1
GET SUBCHIP: MiniEnergyPack x2

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