Jared and Rodger.EXE

Name: Jared Miller

Age: 25

Gender: Male

Standing at a firm 5' 11", Jared isn't exactly a lady killer. In fact, he is overall average in looks, probably the least likely to stand out in a crowd. Jared's bland look includes a slender, yet lanky, body draped in clothing considerably larger than he is. His normal attire is a drab gray in color, although on special occasions he has been known to wear a brighter color such as a green or blue. Among his facial features he can be seen as quite typical; a rounded face holds a petite nose and a pair of dull brown eyes set into his skull. To match the shade of his optics, Jared also sports a shaggy style of his boring brown hair, completing his overall monotonous appearance.

In detail, Jared is known to have other slight adaptations to wardrobe. For instance, not often is he seen without a lame (but very handy) calculator watch upon his wrist. Around his neck, or sometime even seen hanging from his pocket, is a lanyard that is hooked onto a flash drive, an obsolete device since the invention of the PET. When going to and fro, Jared carries a rug sack, slung across his shoulder most of the time. This bag is a deep maroon in color, and carries no special symbol on it. Every once and again, mostly around town, Jared will wear a normal bandanna, usually maroon in color.

From first impressions, "genius" may not be the term that comes to mind when describing Jared Miller, however first impressions are often skewed. Despite his reputable care-free outlook and constant actions of complete foolery, Jared is quite the intellectual. Having two degrees from Dentech University (Electrical Engineering and PET Programming), Jared knows his stuff, yet his simply doesn't feel that others knowing of his prowess would increase their respect for him.

His outgoing attitude leads Jared to befriend many people, including children much younger than him. He is often seen hanging with the local gang of aspiring net battlers, otherwise playing with the young people. The youth inspires him to pick up busting virii and net battling as well, becoming one of his favorite hobbies. He personally modified his work Navi, Rodger, to fit this task.

Overall, although very outgoing, Jared is not impulsive at all. He thinks upon everything he does before coming to a complete conclusion. This makes him somewhat of a perfectionist, as he doesn't want to mess up his actions when he thinks them through. That being said, Jared is quite patient, and willing to wait the longest amount of time to get the best results.

PET Modifications:
-Larger Memory: Mostly for email space and work related files.
-Browser Application: To access the internet on his PET.
-E.Reader: A program with books installed to read on the go.
-Physical Appearance: Dull gray color with maroon trim.

Name: Rodger.EXE

Gender: Male

Element: Elec

Type: Cursor

Rodger.EXE once looked like a normal Navi, standard issue, but no longer. After heavy modification from Jared he has been altered to have an original appearance. Starting at the head, slight changes have been made that make him clearly different from a Normal Navi. The dark visor that covers his optics has been lengthened to his chin, covering the rest of his face, and changed to a deep red color. The top of Rodger's head is no longer rounded, but rather darted back to a point, much like the shape of a bandanna covering one's head.

The majority of his chassis is a light gray in color, with hints of the familiar maroon Jared is so fond of. His body is covered in a slick jumpsuit, fit with the same gray and maroon color scheme. His feet are clad with large boots that are at least twice the size of his bare legs. His chest is dressed in a small shell, a vest even, that is smoothed out into a round casing. A small circular emblem is laid into the plate depicting two bullets, side by side, streaming across the ring.

Similar to his creator, Rodger.EXE is very much charismatic. As friendly as he is, other Navi may view him as naive or too trusting. He has been known to hang around the more social areas of the internet, or even helping others bust virii. This isn't to say he doesn't like going solo; Rodger enjoys busting virii and homing his skills as much as the next Navi. In fact, virii busting is one of Rodger's favorite things to do. Combat is very important to him, as it is a chance to flaunt his skill. That is to say, not necessarily boast, but to show his improvement publicly.

Rodger is quite intelligent; Jared programmed much of his own knowledge into the Navi to better suit him to his original job. He seems to find that opposed to brute force and power, precision and correctness are needed to truly be skilled at anything. As he was once a work tool for programming and circuitry, Rodger understands that one simple mistake can and will lead to disastrous results on the opposite end.

However, unlike Jared, Rodger is quite rash and impulsive. To contrast his owner, Rodger is often insisting that they take the course of action that involves the most action, that he wants to bang up as many virii as he can along the way. Impatient as he is, he wishes that Jared would hurry up and make a decision, but doesn't speak on his impatience in order to make his owner happy.

Custom Weapon:
Rodger is equipped with a buster on his right hand that has been modified from the standard buster look to the appearance of a double barreled, sawed off shotgun. However, instead of making actual bullets, it charges electricity through a little exhaust port sticking out from the side of his arm. The barrels themselves are actually quite slim, only extending a short bit off of his original arm where his hand would be.

Signature Attack:
Single Shot (60/60) 2TCD, 40 Damage, 40 Spread Damage.
Rodger fires off a single slug in the same fashion of the Shotgun chip, dealing damage to the opponent in front of him and behind that enemy as well.
Uhh, Spread is...*stops self, looks, and realizes it was indeed reduced to 1/2 cost added* When did that change?

Oh well. Looks pretty good.

Approved, and....where is that old Bizarro Phoenix image?

GET CHIP: Rageclaw, Cannon, Shotgun
GET NCP: Undershirt, Rapid+1, Attack+1, Charge+1
GET SUBCHIP: 2x MiniEnergy