NightCross and RegaliaCross!

Name: RegaliaCross
Level: 1
Element/Subtype: Elec/Summon

Nightshade's body is completely encased in a matte black armor, the pieces magnetically sticking on or floating around him on command. His tail and feet claws are no longer part of his body but are now pieces of the armor that float in their intended position. Nightshade is able to control the armor pieces through the magnetic properties of his new boots and gloves. Due to his link with Regalia and his energy running through Nightshade's body, the free spaces not covered by armor glow green.

Personality: Nightshade loses his hyperactive, perky nature in favor of a more stoic, confident persona (bordering on cocky). Both his battle stance and general movement mimicks Regalia's own, while keeping a fringe of Nightshade feral fighting style.

Passive Shift: Mobilize: Summoned Objects have a one-use Movement action.
Active Shift:  Masterwork: You may add 20 + (Level) HP to an object's max HP as a free action. This can not be used on the same object more than once. (Once Per Turn)

Cross Sig:

Nighty's Regalia

Equippable Object

20 HP, Light
Passive: Strengthen 20
TCD: 2