People have been nagging me to do this, so I suppose it's time.

Name: Chuck Richards

Age: 19

Gender: Male

Appearance: Chuck really tries to stand out in public instead of wearing your average jeans, shirt and that whole blah. Partially because he wears a thrift shirt. Chuck wears run-of-the-mill black jeans with a chain hanging off them. As for the torso, he sports an old, repaired and patched up Led Zeppelin shirt (Steve said this was allowed, FYI). It was old and ripped when he found it, so he, being a hardcore music fan, repaired it himself by learning some sewing tricks. He has never sewn since.

Over his prized shirt which he boasts of so much, he wears a black leather jacket which is just his size. His hair is long, and dirty blonde, just past his shoulders. No headwear. Never. Ever. He has the face of someone a bit younger than his age, but his body look makes up for it. Chuck wears skate shoes.
Personality: Chuck is a nice person, his look aside. He does try to toughen up in situations needed, like when confronting a bear, but other than that he's quite friendly. Just don't get on his bad side.
PET Modifications: It's got a dark granite shade to it, and a skull design around the screen.


Name: Necropolis

Gender: ???

Element: Normal

Type: Recover

Appearance: Necropolis, meaning, the City of the Dead, is actually made of pieces of dead data, or corpses, put together. He is a walking City of the Dead. Because of his horrid look, like his jaw hanging down a bit lower, missing an eye, jagged claws, and stiches everywhere, he wears a full body robe. This robe is a simple black robe with purple trimmings on the ends of the sleaves, the bottom, and the hood. As well, Necropolis' robe has a purple skull on the chest, and some other wavy designs which are oddly unexplainable and not fully recognizable, as if they change each time he jacks in. Being stiched together, all of his pieces are different colours, making him look exceptionally horrifying. Never will he reveal himself except for circumstances unknown.

Personality: Necropolis is a quiet navi, yet very bipolar. Sometimes he will be a silent killer, and the next he will be a madman, yelling and howling and drenching his foes and himself in blood (y'know, if it existed on the net). He will not complain, and do what must be done, and do what is needed to do. He will talk, and maybe even conversation. He is a very unpredictable navi.

Custom Weapon: Necropolis' custom attack is currently, yet might soon to change, a simple ability where out of data a body part appears, such as an arm, leg, or even a head, and he does many things with it at the enemy, like simply blasting it at them with quick speed, or punching them with a speeding arm or kicking them with a swift, airborne leg.
Signature Attack: Titan's Jaw

Necropolis will swiftly make his way over to his enemy by running or walking. He will pull off his hood to reveal a disfigured, massive jaw. After being revealed, it will grow a slight amount quickly so that the enemy has no time to respond and Necropolis will move his mouth in and chomp down with a massive bite on the enemy for a stun and 15 points of damage that Necropolis will heal himself for.

How does it look?
15Drain+stun? Okay. it all looks good.


GET CHIP: Cannon, Shotgun, Rageclaw
GET NCP: Undershirt, Rapid+1, Attack+1, Charge+1
GET SUBCHIP: MiniEnergyPackx2

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