Ante/Dare Cross

DareCross level 2! Courtesy of the fat wad of real world FXP that I'd forgotten I earned.

DareCross (Level 2)

Element: Fire

Subtype: Speed

Appearance: Ante goes from princess to race queen in a quick transformation when this cross is activated. From the top down, her hat is the first thing to go, replaced with a sun visor. The gear has a black ring strap and red, reflective bill. From the back hangs a long white/black checkered tag, which is a motif shared by many articles of her clothing. Next is a scarf, red with a black/white checkered lower border. Her upper body is clad in a red, sleeveless jacket with a popped collar; a wide, black stripe runs down the center of the front and back. The inside is colored in the shared checkered pattern. Her lower body is covered by a miniskirt, much tighter than her usual affair, and bearing the checkered pattern in the form of a built-in belt. Her gloves are short and red, with Velcro straps around the wrists. The straps, following the pattern, are checkered. Her boots are replaced with high-heeled shoes, including white/black checkered, criss-crossing laced straps that follow from the ankle to just below the knees.

Beneath this ensemble, she also wears a one-piece swimsuit, red across 3/4 and black across the remaining 1/4. The portions are divided by a white/black checkered stripe. The legs openings are fairly high on it, running almost to her waistline. If there's anything else beneath this... it's a secret.

Of course, stiletto heeled, shiny shoes are hardly any better for speed than her traditional boots. With that in mind, it's fortunate that her staff is modified to allow her to keep up with Dare's trademark agility. The staff changes more than in most forms, adding a handle so that it can be held with its length away from the body, beneath the armpit and at the waist. The head is swapped for a red, flame-shaped, durable-but-transparent piece... while its use is not immediately apparent, a "rev" of the handle makes it apparent... jet propulsion shoots out of the back of the staff, rocketing her forward along with it. She must use her own body to steer left and right while in motion. While she can lift upward, she can only go downward by disengaging the staff momentarily. It will require sputtering the fire to make a proper landing. Like with most of her staffs, the head is interchangable. It can be swapped for a large tire, black with a rubber exterior. At first one might think the purpose of this was movement; not so. This tire is just for smacking things with blunt force. Cards can still dispense from the portion where the staff meets the head, either smoothly dispensing it along the curved windowshield, or flopping it straight out from beneath the tire.

Because no Ante form would be complete without stripping: as Ante fights, the white/black checkered bits of her outfit do not survive the flames her weapon generates. As this mostly includes straps, belts, etc., it inevitably results in things falling off as she continues to use her powers. In fact, even beyond fire, the speed of her movement can cause them to come undone. This is the kind of outfit that seems designed to come off easily...

This cross' representative card is the Ace of Hearts. Its card set is red/black with flames and tire emblems, respectively.

Buster: A whack with Ante's big, rubber tire. The staff gives it leverage, but other than that, it's just plain old blunt force trauma.

Charge Shot: By turning the staff around and holding the exhaust end outward, Ante can use her staff almost like a flamethrower.

Signature Attack(s):


Action Cards (100) - Ante dispenses a pair of aces from her staff. When attached as with her queen of spades, the cards allow navis to power up. It releases two cards, presumably for oneself and an ally.
- Strengthen 30 + Imbue Fire
- Strengthen 30 + Imbue Fire
- 3 TCD

Straddle Bet (60) - Ante pulls in on her handle's trigger, then back again on the handle itself, clutching her scepter with either both hands or the pit of one arm. The result is that she snaps forward with a quick spurt of short-lived fire, aided by the staff's propulsion. The recoil is bad, but it can be used as a snap dodge. Furthermore, as long as the trigger's squeezed, a few more snap dodges can be executed. It will revert to normal shortly afterwards, allowing slightly less insane levels of speed.
- Self-Haste
- Dodge
-15 HP sacrifice
- 2 TCD
Oh yeah, sorry for not saying this was okay with me, this is totally okay with me.

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DareCross approved.

AnteCross (Level 2)

Element: Normal

Subtype: Variable

Appearance: Dare's looks undergo some changes, although the only skin-deep ones are her eyes, which become bright red. Her normally deep red lipstick is also a bit brighter. Her motorcycle helmet (when active) is replaced with a red metal knight helmet with a shielded dark glass visor. A large white plume is attached to the back. When not wearing the helmet, her typical shades are replaced with oval glasses with a thin red rim.

Her Navi suit keeps the seem basic shape but becomes completely black. It covers her full body up to her shoulder line. Her jacket is replaced by red-metal heart shaped chest armor, with a hump covering each breast. The armor is not full torso armor and only covers the front of the chest, leaving the back exposed. Red-metal pauldrons with decorative heart cutouts in the center of the outside of the shoulder are attached with a small black chain and multiple latches to the chest armor. Two sections of the outfit are covered in a red-colored latex material: a high-cut bikini-style bottom and long gloves, extending all the way to the elbow. She also wears tall red boots with pump heels and black soles, although these are not form-fitting. Her trademark ankle exhaust pipes are replaced by far less flashy devices composed of two stacked red metal diamonds on each outer ankle. The mechanical pieces between the two diamonds include four slots, one on each edge of the diamond. When activated, a number of black metal rods can be extended from each device, up to four each (one from each edge). Naturally, this would be awkward on the ground, so the devices are typically activated while the feet are in the air and deactivated when feet are on the ground.

Buster: Dare can temporarily detach the rods from her diamond devices to use as batons for bludgeoning or as makeshift projectiles.

Charge Shot: Dare twirls a handheld baton before tossing it, using the rotation to increase its aerodynamic properties.

Signature Attack(s):


High Stakes Hit (90) - Dare points a kick at an opponent, either while airbound or (typically after a fancy turn) on the ground. Upon connecting with the opponent, she fires four linked stakes from the diamond device on the connecting boot, which pound the enemy at point blank.
- 40 Damage
- Break
- Stun
- Recovery Time (1 action)
- Melee attribute
- 3 TCD

Free Pass (50) - The outfit Dare wears in this cross serves as a special type of armor with two purposes: (1) it is designed to absorb a small bit of incoming damage, be it from impact, energy, or whatever, but (2) it is designed to easily deteriorate with that damage. Dare thinks that being forced to fight with less clothes on should help her develop a talent for it. This is a mode that only activates when Dare chooses to, so if she doesn't activate it, they just act like boring old less-potentially-R-rated garments. Also, activating it too quickly after it absorbs damage once would weaken the effect and just make her clothes easier to tear... so naturally, she doesn't.
- Damage Reduction 10
- 2 TCD

Raise Tension (40) - Dare throws out either a rousing pep talk or a devastating smack talk, delivering motivational speeches as easily as sick burns. The verbal shoring/abuse comes with measurable combat benefits. Surely this is the strength of Ante's subtype!
-10 Strengthen
- Passive

I approve
So do I. The lack of AnteCross has been rectified, so approved.