[Soul Cross: Broadside] (Elec/Break)

Concept and Reference sheet
Under the form of BroadsideCross, Rhea gains a light grey rectangular visor, her original headpiece also taking a similar shade (plus an antaenna). Her general color scheme changed to a darker shade of purple, grey and light blue; extra armor pieces being the dark purple. Unlike the original Navigator Broadside, Rhea possesses two cannons mounted over each of her arms. Each cannon possess only two inputs: a yellow wire that serves as the spark for ignition, and a belt-like apparatus, presumably the data cord for its ammunition. A handlebar is located at the exact appropriate length of the weapons, allowing Rhea's hand to hold onto it. The trigger button is also located there, at the sides for her thumbs. A constant whirring sound could be heard from the chambers, almost as if it is constantly running like an engine even when it's idling.

An outlet is available at the rear of the weapons to expel remrants of the gunpowder combustion.

A hard-cased pack is secured at the back of Rhea's hips, and there is where the yellow wires run to. Battery backup and power source for her weapons are all stored there, thus it is one of the more vital and vulnerable parts. The two hydraulic-powered chambers running towards the ground backwards serve as her anchors when she fires the two cannons, securing her to the ground. The bipods also serve to steady her aim. It's use does not end there, however; they also double as melee weapons when enemies get too close to Rhea, with a few spins and good legwork.

By default, Rhea rarely moves in this form. She is highly dedicated to provide immense amount of firepower, and the weight of her weaponry can be left to everyone's imagination-- and, judging from the speed Rhea lifts and fires them, they are very, very heavy. (Grand total: 2.5 tonnes)

Another thing that Rhea did not obtain was a height spurt.

Signature Attacks: Level 1 (80 sigpoints)
Dynamo Charge
Passive - Strengthen 5 [20 sigpoints]
In this form, Rhea gradually collects firepower from the constantly-running dynamo found within the two cannons Rhea possesses, releasing them only when she sees fit in battle.

Bunker Slugshot
Charge Time [Nerf: 30 sigpoints -> Available points: 60+30 sigpoints]
Active - Elec 35 Damage x 2 shots + Blast1 + Seeking [70 + 70(0) + 20 sigpoints] 3TCD
Firing a shot from each arm cannon, the shells' destination is determined by Rhea's plotted trajectory and ballistics. Making use of the electrical charges found within each shell, they are programmed to follow even invisible and enemies well beyond the normal range of fire. Upon contact, each shot will explode in a small radius.

Rhea requires an action to charge before initiating this signature attack.
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