[Soul Cross: Broadside] (Elec/Break)

In this Soul Cross, the alliance between Eternalis and the mecha Navi Broadside has been manifested into physical form. During the change, Eternalis becomes an armored assault mecha, not as high as his partner, but of height three meters. On his head, a smooth grey visor covers his eyes, with Broadside's emblem imprinted into the sides. Two red antennae pivot around the emblem plate on each side. Extensive changes have been made to Eternalis' armor, among them an extra layer of armor on the front and back, armor extension down to his abdomen, and sturdy shoulder guards.

His left arm is a much larger, bulkier version of his arm-output, with large, insulated tubes from the main body fueling a massive clear chamber of blue liquid. The output normally produces a large hand, but can be shifted quickly into other forms, such as a sword, a cannon or a claw, among others. His right arm is a large rectangular dual-barrel cannon almost two meters long, which is mainly used to fire gun-type chips, though it also has a function as a veritable shield. This cannon houses more than the normal firearm, however, and is adjustable for various tasks. His legs are also more heavily-armored, with friction-modification boots allowing for swift movement in the heat of battle.

Signature Attacks:

Level 1:

Active: Missile Barrage
Eternalis opens up the Missile Battery in his chest to reveal a host of primed short-range smart missiles, each with a load of explosive electrical charges. He then immediately runs a scan of the immediate area with several sensor arrays, making sure that any hidden target is easily found and destroyed.
| 5 Missiles x 20 Elec + Blast1, Seeking | Self-Slow | Multi-Hit | 3 TCD | 80 SP/40 NP |