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Name: MachCross

Element: Normal
Subtype: Speed

Description: Red is now about 2 feet taller with a slimmer body. She wears a slightly form-fitting red bodysuit with a zipper down the middle that seems to be made for riding motorcycles. Her head is adorned with a motorcycle helmet a deeper shade of red than her bodysuit. A black visor easily pulls up and down, covering her eyes when she wants and displaying various sorts of information on the screen. Her hair extends a bit further down her shoulders than usual, showing itself a bit out of the helmet. Floating behind her back are six red-colored electromagnetic generators, three of them combining to form wings of some sort. They are formed as small rectangles with a triangle jutting out of the long side. These generators also serve as Red's buster attack in this form.

Personality: Red is much more silent and thoughtful in this form, speaking mostly only after considering many things. She still keeps her childish kind-heartedness in this form.

Buster Attack: The generators can rush toward an opponent and crash into them, dealing damage. For the Charge Attack they appear in a circle in front of Red and fire a plasma beam from the center of their circle.

Signature Attack: 60/60


-Red clocks up her movement systems into high gear and generates three decoys in the process.

Effects: Decoyx3 (20x3 = 60)

TCD: 2 Turns

Points left: 0/60
2nd Cross

Name: RedCross

Element: Wood
Subtype: Wind

Description: the majority of Machman's armor plating is removed, allowing for a lighter frame and some impressive high-flying abilities. His orange hair changes to a chocolate brown and the pylons over his ears change to a red and white color scheme. His blue eyes also change to a bright almond color while his face mask is now a bright crimson. He no longer has chest or shoulder armor, and his lightly tanned skin is showing. His abdomen is covered in white bandage-like wraps, and a large, red hooded robe drapes over his shoulders. The robe does have sleeves, but they only extend halfway down his upper arm. His gauntlets are brown, like his boots, but his red gems on the backs of his hands are still present. His orange undersuit covering his lower torso is replaced with some looser black pants, secured with a white and blue checkered belt.

Personality: Machman has very little behavioral changes in this form, but he finds himself taking more interest in animals, particularly the cute-n-fuzzy ones (and tries to hide it).

Custom Weapon: He can strike an opponent with the flowing end of his robe, dealing minor damage, or he can take off the robe to use it like a heavy whip for increased damage (charge attack)

Signature attack: Piercing Gale: Machman summons a large gust of wind that flows over his body and converges at his outstretched arms. Using his oddly adept ability to control the winds, he compresses the air and releases it with enough pressure to send any obstacles flying. The wind feels soothing to Machman RedCross, but feels like a freight train to the enemy.
(20dmg Wood Life Drain + Microburst + 2TCD) [80pts]
Red really should've sworn to abstinence when she had the chance. Lord knows what she's caught from all the Crossing she's done... Oh well, both approved.
MachFighter RedCross

Appearance: Whenever Machman enters RedCross while in his MachFighter.GMO, his entire frame goes throw a significant transformation. His blue and orange color scheme is replaced with that of a crimson and green color scheme. His dark cyan reinforced glass cockpit is much further back on his fuselage, leaving a good 10 feet of thin nosecone ahead of him. Instead of his signature swept forward wings, his wings separate into dozens of feather-like slats that form together in two overlapping rows, like two sets of red feathers, each with a dark green tip. The wings are secured to his frame via a pair of rotating brackets that can cause the wings to be swept back during high speed flight. His rear stabilizers are replaced by additional slats, like a set of tail feathers. He now has only 2 engines, but they are just as powerful as his original engines. They are secured to his frame by several joints, which allow him to swing his engines anywhere beneath him, and even use them to support his surprisingly light frame; like a perched bird.

Weaponry: The MachFighter can still house its weapons in two protective weapon blisters, but they are located just underneath the cockpit on the underside of it's fuselage. Missiles can also be stored under the wings, but due to the relatively sensitive "feathers," they are located closer to the fuselage.
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MachCross Sigs


Sig Name: Clock Up
Effect: Passive Movement
Description: The Cross' naturally streamlined suits allow Red to move somewhat more than usual, enabling her to perform tactical actions in a flash.
Cost: 20*4 = 80