Alright, with the Sharo mission finished, Bard and Wolfman have surpassed 30 FXP.

Question: For the dual appearances, would I need to take a GMO mission and register another GMO for use with the cross?

BardCross Lvl 1


Human - In his human form, Wolfman's clothes transform to resemble the zoot suits of the Harlem jazz scene of the late 1930s. He wears high-waisted, wide-legged black trousers pegged to gather at the ankles. He wears a dark red dress shirt tucked into the pants along with a black vest and tie. A long black coat, with wide lapels and shoulders, hangs down to mid thigh. His black hair is slicked back and he wears a black fedora with a blood red hat band on his head. He maintains his golden eyes and wireframe glasses. A treble cleft, embroidered in silver thread, runs up each sleeve of his coat and a bass cleft is embroidered on his coattails and lapels. Wolfman wears a pair of black and white wingtip loafers when in this form. In BardCross, Wolfman attacks with the power of music. He carries a five foot long double bass strapped to his back. He sets the instrument down and fingers the strings to play music and compose his attacks. Wolfman can also summon a saxophone when not playing the bass.

Werewolf - Even when crossed, Wolfman is not safe from the viral curse that haunts him. If Wolfman transforms while in BardCross, his werewolf form is altered as well. His shoes, shirt, vest and tie are shredded to nothing during the transformation. He retains the embroidered coat and pants, though they become tattered and torn with rips in the knees, shoulders and elbows and well as long tears along the ends of the sleeves and pant legs. Wolfman no longer uses instruments to attack, his large clawed fingers being unable to manipulate the strings without damaging them. Instead, Wolfman plays the natural music of the wolf; ghostly howls summon up the denizens of the night.

Cross Signature:
Wolf Beat - Wolfman plays a tune on his bass, summoning a shadowy creature that resembles a wolf. The creature is rooted to the ground, but shoots orbs of darkness at targets.
(Nerf: Charge Burner[+30 Points], 30hp object, deals 30 passive damage. Using summon's 4:3 conversion ratio. [30 + (30x3) = 30 + 90 = 120])

((Basically, he summons a wolflike shadow with 30hp. It is immobile and deals 30 dmg a turn.))
No need for a new GMO. Just use your Human GMO, then BardCross, or the other way around.
I second this with the same mission for the FXP.

Type: Wood

Subtype: Guts

Appearance: In this form, Bard loses her over sized shirt, her hat, and her glasses. She gains about a foot in height, and her arms and legs grow to longer lengths and gain muscle mass. The mouth of the musician changes to be larger to house the new teeth she has grown. Her brow ridge grows larger and her eyes stay the same color, a soft green. Her feet also grow in size and shape, looking more like a werewolf's foot without the fur, which allow her to jump a great distance. Her body suit that she is wearing loses the sleeves at the elbow, and the legs at the knee. The body suit also gains rips and tears in the stomach, and the thighs. A silver line forms on her suit, running over her shoulder and connecting at her sternum. In the back it connects in the middle of her shoulder blades. It is very similar to a mantle. Her hands grow in size and her nails grow to claws, being around three inches in length. Her hair becomes very mangles and wild looking, and she walks with a hunch. She still maintains her human physical form, not growing hair anywhere on her body. She simply grows in size and gains some bestial aspects. She also gains facial tattoos. The tattoos are made to reflect the facial structure of a werewolf, without having the physical structure. Mixed in with the layout of this tattoo, is musical notes and symbols.

The other change that takes over Bard, is her fighting style. She leaves behind the instruments and stationary disk, in favor of the more aggressive fighting style of a werewolf. She still has an infinity to her musical side, by being able to cast spells and summon creatures with a howl.

Cross Sig Attack: In WolfCross, due to the animistic changes, Bard gains a bestial strength which she can use to augment her chips attacks.

Strength of the Beast: 60 Strengthen= 60 points.
Fera's right about the GMO thing, but there is a flaw in BardCross's sig. A level 1 Cross has 60 points to work with, so Wolf Beat doesn't work.

Scratch that, you're good to go. Although, Zan, please make it more clear that you're using Summon's point ratio bonus next time. <__<
Ah, yeah. Sorry 'bout that. Edited it in.