Splitcross Void.exe

SplitCross(Level 1)
New Element/Subtype: Normal/recovery
FXP From:Factory Mission

Appearance: Void changes to become more human looking navi. Decked out in a dark grey armor and helmet, he would appear to be a normal netnavi if not for his oddly long limbs and skinny build. His exposed skin also appears to be a faded grey, and when he's cut he appears to leak black data. His glowing yellow irisis, devoid of pupils, stand out in stark contrast to the rest of his skin tone, and emit a low light in darkness. His smile is also unnaturally wide, lining up with the outer edges of his eyes, rather than the middles.

Much like his partner in this cross, his left arm is extremely bulky on one side. Instead of his comrades armor, his arm is still covered in just a jump suit design, but it has apparently become extremely muscular.

Buster: Demon hand - Void has gained new strength, punching so quickly that it causes shockwaves at his opponent.


Dark power

Haste: 40
strengthen: 20

Focusing his power, Void moves at high speeds and temporarily increases his strength, although not quite as fast as Split.

60/60 points
I approve of this (but I believe the sig attack needs work)
I agree robo, but in all honesty your sigs all cost alot of points, and I can't really mimic any of them. I was going to work on a version of that one we talked about, but I need one more cross level with you... maybe next contract, then we'll see a better one, just using the opportunity to see how an idea that's been bugging me works...
I know this is no place to discuss, just wanted to say.

I meant it would be better worded as

Create 15 1-HP objects each with 1-damage passively.
Unfortunately, it doesn't work. You spent 1 point on HP, 4 points on attack (multiplied by 3 since you want it passive on the object, so 12), and then... Well, I'm not quite sure why you're multiplying by 15 at the end. You've only really spent 13 points on this sig so far.
Sorry for the wait, approved.