XIIICross/MachCross Level 2

The required 70FXP was earned from Back to back in SciLab and Race against time in StoveComp.


Bonuses: +15dmg to all Fire chips, +20HP, 1 Speed Upgrade

Machman's upgrade to a level 2 cross brought a few changes in appearance. His white bangs and red braided hair stays the same, but the fins next to his head have extended, his forearm armor stretches back to a point, and his white pants are emblazened with flames. His blue eyes change to a glowing red and orange color. His shirt has several golden buttons to complement his gold shoulder plates. Floating behind him are two large cleaver-like blades about 4 feet long each.

Description: Machman's prolonged exposure to XIII's data and busting style has further refined and purified the Soul Cross. The earlier version of the XIIICross did not effectively utilize XIII's fire properties. This version adopts more of XIII's fire element and uses it to augment Machman's abilities.

The heat coursing through Machman's body powers internal energy generators to be used on the spot or stored in microcapacitors for future use. Using this added level of energy production, Machman is not only faster, he can sustain maximum performance for greater periods of time. The heat also causes his body to become loose and more maliable, reducing the possibility of injury caused by blunt force and using his own body to spread and dissipate the force of an opponent's strike.

One major upgrade of the XIIICross is the implementation of a defensive barrier system. Machman's blades, metal shoulder plates, buttons, and the jewels on his hands emit large amounts of heat to keep his core temperature from causing damage to his program. Machman's skin and attire are completely immune to the heat; his skin is actually cool to the touch because all of the heat in his skin is being drawn out into the outside air. The heat "shield's" boundaries are not clearly defined, since temperature doesn't change from several thousand degrees to room temperature in the space of an inch; but the constant supply of superheated air keeps the protective layer at a constant intensity. All biomatter and most solid materials either combust or instantly evaporate when exposed to the intense heat. Though energy blasts are mostly unaffected by the temperature, Machman's large blades can move to deflect most energy attacks.

Weapons: "Kaji" and "Honô" ("Fire" and "Flame") Fire

Charge Attack: "Immolate" Machman swings his two swords, flinging two whip-like projections of heat and flame towards the enemy. Fire

Signature Attack: "Decisive Blow" Machman manipulates the temperature of the air around him, and throughout the battlefield to push and draw a single target towards him. With Kaji and Honô in hand, he then delivers a single devastating slash straight down the target's midline.
(Gravity {40} + 120dmg Fire + Slashing + 4TCD) [160pts]
71 FPX received. Same links as above.

Name: Mach 13 - Another Type

Type: Normal, +15 to all normal chips, +20hp, +1 speed upgrade
Subtype: Sword


Description: From further study of Machman's style and data, Another Type is born. The data of this soul cross has been refined more to match XIII's own data and fighting style, resulting in more latent power coming to bare than before. The mask portion becomes more complex with the addition of new devices extending over the ears and side of the head, working to boost normal sensory perception so as to keep up more efficiently with the higher speeds. There are now intricate lines of read over the chest areas, seemingly aesthetic at first glance, but actually serving a purpose of added energy transferral canals, so the higher amounts of energy are better processed throughout the body. Several long cables are protruding out of his shoulders like a cape of sorts, and serve two purposes: releasing excess energy for added thrust in any given direction, and measuring surroundings fro further assistance in high-speed sensory perception. The most notable change, though, is that the many fire-encased wing fragments have now become a little larger and changed to a blue flame. This is a result of a low-level AI being added to the fragments, turning them into will 'o' wisp familiar-programs capable of performing most commands as single units or in groups of them. Since Another Type allows XIII to move far faster than before, XIII commands the familiars through simple changes/alterations of the energy released from the cables in his back. And that coupled with the familiars' low level AI interpreting the commands as they come allows for XIII to accurately control the familiar-programs without the need of a constant direct link to all of them. An unexpected result of Another Type processing data differently is that now, instead of chip-data reforming XIII's hands/arms into weapons, some chips will take actual weapon forms instead. For example, a shotgun chip now appears as a shotgun in his hand when slotted in, rather than temporarily turning his arm into the barrel of a shotgun. Other than the noticeable power boost to normal chips, this seems to have no real effect otherwise.

Weapon: "Taiyoukousen" and "Getsuei" ("sunlight" and "moonlight") Normal/Blade -- The sheathed sword at XIII's side is actually an illusion of sorts. There are actually two energy-blade swords there, connected together when not being used. When drawn, silver-white energy is released from both and formed into blades proportionate to the sizes of the handles. The smaller one with the hand guard, Getsuei, is about the size of a normal katana. The larger one, Taiyoukousen, will be about the length of a nodachi long-sword when active.

Charge attack: "Double Battou-jutsu" -- Based off of a similar kenjutsu move in the real world, XIII grips the "sheathed" weapon with one hand on the sheath and one hand on the hilt. In a lighting fast maneuver, XIII draws one blade into a slash, closely followed by another slash from the second blade held in a reversed grip in the left hand. The original, real-world kenjutsu technique used the sheath to deliver a second, crushing blow using the rotation of the body gained from the initial quick-draw of the blade, the entire attack seeming like one fluid motion. Since XIII's sheath is really another sword, the attack becomes more like a one-two slash with twin blades, but with the high speed and single fluid motion of a double battou technique. Normal/Sword

Signature Attack 1 (60/120): "Yonnin Kage" (Four-man Shadow) -- Utilizing precise control over the groupings of familiar-programs and his highly increased speed, XIII creates three other images of himself, and all four of them perform a sword thrust at the target they appear next to. While the dispersed energy and split focus of the maneuver doesn't give it a great amount of power, it makes up for that by allowing XIII to target multiple enemies at once, or a single enemy with four separate strikes. (4 hits, 15dmg each) (4 target max) (2 turn cool down) (Normal/Sword)

Signature Attack 2 (60/120): "Legendary Cross" -- XIII takes the stance of his normal Legendary Blade signature attack, but with a blade in each hand. XIII performs the lightning fast do-strike like he would the Legendary Blade (without the flames), but the half rotation of the body from the first leaves him in a mirrored stance of the Legendary Blade. XIII then performs a left-sided Legendary Blade with the sword in his left hand. Due to the speed at which its performed, the two blades seem to cross over each other, yet the power of both strikes is halved compared to the original Legendary Blade single strike. (2hits/30dmg) (2 turn cool down) (Normal/Sword)
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